Representative Director Tomoyuki Iwasawa
  • Tokyo Kogyo University Management System Engineering Studies
  • Abeam Consulting Strategy and Finance Department, Abeam M&A Consulting
  • After working at Blue Marlin Partners, joined Precena Strategic Partners.
  • Working as Representative Director from April 2014.
  • Author of “Problem Solving” (Eiji Shuppan), and co-author of “How to Develop Corporate Analysis Skill” (Nihon Jitsugyou Shuppan)

Focus on practical business skills

Our focus is on practical business skills. We cover many skills including “logical thinking”, “problem solving”, “self-management”, but the emphasis is on learning the practical use of such skills rather than knowing it in the text book sense. To enable this, we build a system within the company to utilize what we teach, always depict difficulties we can face when implementing such skills, and learn the most effective ways to teach such skills to the class. You might think that establishing such system is ordinary, but this is only possible if all activities from marketing, sales, material development, to service provision is done in-house.

The world that can be realized after hard work

Having no time for training during busy business hours is often the case with many companies. However, it is also the case that after receiving effective training despite the busy business hours, the world you see will be renewed. When conducting the training, I see trainees busy with their daily operations and on top of that working on agendas of the training. Sometimes I wonder if so much task is worth the time. However, when I see all the trainees working together and after all is completed and tangible output is produced, I know for certain that the hard work was worth it. This is not only from the perspective of the training provider but is always the case from the perspective of the trainees. The important thing is to believe in the importance of training from the bottom of the heart and to work hard to accomplish the goal of skill development.

To develop a skill that both the trainers and trainees can use

As was discussed before, we develop and systemize business skills by considering and analyzing the essence of our daily work. We are confident in our content and take pride in our endeavor. However, simply analyzing our own work can never be enough to understand the necessary business skill around all business sectors. In order to always be on top of the business skill scene, we have to be in touch with the leading business environment and learn from our clients issues. As such, we ask our clients to share their issues and we promise that we will develop and systemize the business skillset that is necessary to solve our client’s challenges.