Representative Director Yuki Ogino
  • Graduated from Tokyo University Bachelor’s Degree in Faculty of Science
  • Graduated from Tokyo University Master’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Information Technology
  • McKinsey and Company
     Conducted consulting services in various projects including new business development and sales and
     office work operation efficiency reform.
  • Joined Precena Strategic Partners, working as Representative Dicretor from April 2014.

To be a “system maker” rather than “training company” or “research institute”

Often times, we call ourselves “training company” as is often referred to in this website as well.

However, we do not believe that conducting “training” is our mission. “Training” is merely a means to an end and the means becoming an end itself is putting the cart before the horse.

We also believe in “continuous research” as business itself is a manmade system that was built over thousands of years. Thinking you fully understand the system can lead to a disaster in business. However, we are not a research institute. Again, researching for the sake of research or for selfish reasons is putting the cart before the horse.

What then is our mission? There are many ways of expressing this but the one that explains it well is “create a system of human resource development”. We strive to be a company that stand next to our clients in developing a system of human resource development rather than simply being a training provider or researching institute.

To continuously provide our unique value to the society

We have reached a state where we are now stably receiving high evaluation from our clients in the field of “thinking skill” training.

However, even if we seize to exist in the world today, the hard truth is that there will be other companies to fill in our gap. The barrier to enter into the industry is very low.

This is why we are consistently searching for ways to provide our unique value to the society. We are working continuously to become a company with no substitutes.

Sticking to the importance of “human” and “system”

We believe that we ourselves must be the most effective executors of universally systemized business skills as a professional firm providing services in this arena. In addition, as service providers in systemizing human resource development, we must be a company that enhance such program within the company. When do people realize, learn, develop, and work? In order to enhance such process, what system is effective? By analyzing our own experience within the company, and by discussing with our partner companies, we work to research and disseminate the learnings of our endeavor.