Executive Officer Kenji Okayasu
  • Graduated from Sophia University Bachelor’s Degree in Economics
  • Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT)
    – Developing and operating human resource management system
    – Developing sales and marketing strategy
    – Establishing network systems and conducting communication service sales
  • Mercer Japan
    – Consulting work in the field of human resource management, such as system reform and staff skill development.
  • Joined Precena Strategic Partners from 2010. Become executive officer in April 2011, and working as Representative Director from April 2014.

Systemized business skills to bring about success in the rapidly changing environment

Companies are forced to take on many new challenges to survive in the rapidly changing business environment and business professionals are required to develop their skills to take on such challenge. Therefore, the need for human resource development is growing exponentially.

When trying to tackle a new challenge, there is a tendency of business professionals to rely on past success. That is, it is common to think that the knowledge applied during the last success is the key for achieving current success. However, in the rapidly changing environment, past success models can be outdated. Therefore, it is critical to understand the required thinking skills that guide one to create successful solutions which can be applied regardless of the changing environment.

Precena conducts endless and seamless research on “thinking skills” required by business professionals taking into account the most recent business trend. Our mission is to provide business professionals such “thinking skills” through the human resource development programs provided by companies.

Applying human resource development to realize corporate strategy

Human resource development is not about simply conducting staff training. We discuss with our clients on what kind of human resources are necessary to realize the corporate strategy, develop teaching material to enable effective training, and provide training in accordance with such discussion.

For example, we discuss about the kind of training necessary to promote and manage the mid-term corporate plan and incorporate it into the business PDCA cycle of the client. Another example is discussing the responsibilities for all organizational positions and identifying the core competencies and skills necessary to fulfill those responsibilities. By organizing this, the overall training scheme of the company can be developed to efficiently implement human resource development plans.

These are only bits and pieces of our services but we ensure our clients that we are always considering the best solution possible to realize the corporate strategy.

A company that promotes mutual growth with our client

We provide training services to more than 110 companies and 20,000 people yearly. However, the current state is still far away from our goal. Our client companies are continuously growing which implies that we also have to continuously grow.

Until recently, the main pillar or our services was group trainings to Japanese companies in Japan.

These days, we are expanding our operations and services including reaching out to the global market.