Corporate History

2005 Nov.

Precena Strategic Partners, Ltd., is established in Otowa, Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo, Japan, with 3 million yen in capital.

2006 Feb.

Operations begun by providing Management Consulting and other services.


Began providing new employee training courses based on the book Logical Presentation authored by a company principal to Mitsubishi Corporation and several other trading companies.


Head office moved to Iidabashi 1-chome, Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo, Japan, to accommodate growth.


Company reorganized into a corporation and capital increased to 10 million yen.


Began providing problem solving courses for managers at NEC Corporation and other manufacturers.

2007 Feb.

Launched the Course Materials Development business. Began joint development of problem solving course materials with Toyota Motor Corporation.


Began providing workshop style training and MBA subject training covering problem solving and logical presentation.

2008 Feb.

Assessment business began regular provision of assessments to measure training results, as hiring tests, and for employee evaluation to Sumitomo Corporation and several other companies.


Head office moved to current location at Iidabashi 4-chome, Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo, Japan, to accommodate growth.


Began providing Course Development & In-house Instructor Training services for clients.

2009 Apr.

Jointly developed course materials for new employee training, junior employee mentorship, and leadership with Toyota Motor Corporation.


Strengthened the Precena Business Skills Seminar and began holding it year round.

2012 Jun.

Launched the International Office to begin global expansion of operations.


Launched the Contents Division, released the Precena Learning System (PLS) Began providing Web Learning courses to Aeon Co., Ltd., and several other companies.


Began providing business skills training in English to GREE, Inc.

2014 Mar.

Problem Solving, the core subject of the business skills training business, was published in book form.


Precena Strategic Partners Pte. Ltd., established as the firm’s Singaporean local subsidiary to support expansion of operations across Asia.


Released the English version of the Precena Learning System (PLS).

The Origin of Company Name

The root of “Precena”

Our company name “Precena” was created when our founder and CEO Takada wrote the book “logical presentation” in 2001. The name of the consultant company that the main character was working for was named “Precena”. When considering the name of the consultant company in the book, it had to be a name that did not exist in the actual world. Therefore, Takada listed more than 10,000 words, randomly combined them, and chose the term that “sounded good when pronounced and did not give any hits when searching on the internet”. As such, the company name “Precena” was a product of a coincidence. After a few years, the members of Precena tries to re-create the root of the term thinking that having a company name from coincidence did not sound too professional. However, nobody could put a perfect meaning to the created term.
Today, we believe that the very fact that nobody could change or put a different meaning to the term ”precena” shows the essence of Precena as a company. Precena as a term is uniquely and universally neutral that is difficult to put a specific meaning to it. As a company that strives towards universal standardization of business skills, the term “precena” suits our mission. Furthermore, “Prece” comes from the French term “empresse” which means “willing” or “eager” and the “na” comes from the Japanese term “perfection (kannpeki “na”)”. Our tireless endeavor to customize and think deeply to establish service excellence for our clients matches this meaning.

Our thoughts towards “Strategic Partners”

From the term “strategic”, we are sending out the message out to the world that we are always taking into mind the management strategy of our client companies when providing our services.
In addition, the term “partners” shows that the client and Precena are partners in promoting mutual growth. Unlike consulting where the firm exists as a third party providing advice to clients, we stand right beside our clients to solve the client’s issues as Precena’s own challenge with a long term vision.