Back office staff

The role of back office staff

Back office staff is in charge of operations necessary to sustain the company including human resource management, labor management, accounting, and general affairs. Even if the professional position staff conduct excellent training, if the back office work is not done efficiently, the company cannot sustain its operation. Back office staff is thus taking the lead role in supporting and maintaining the company.

After entering Precena, back office staffs will be trained through in-house training and OJT. By acquiring the business skills Precena offers and utilizing it together with the past professional experience, the back office staff will be working proactively to run the company. Precena also values work life balance. Therefore, many staffs take short and long vacation throughout the year.

In addition, Precena offers year-end vacation(approximately 10 days)which can be taken dividedly・flexible working time・long term child care leave・reduction of working hours scheme and much more to fit the life style of individuals.

Specific Job Content

Precena’s “back office work” may be a little different from the general use of the term. “Operation staff” or “general back office staff” may be more appropriate. Back office staffs are professionals who support and manage the very foundation of the company.

In order to fully explain this position, let us take a look at the background of how this position was established. Precena was initially founded by 3 members, and at the beginning, most of the services that Precena provided were consultancy. Therefore, during the first years of Precena, there were only professional position staffs.

After a few years, the main service of Precena became providing training to clients and logistical workload started to increase. For example, Precena conducts more than 1,000 days of training yearly. Scheduling, contracting, invoicing, and sending training materials are all increased logistical activities associated with the training.

In addition, as the number of staffs increased, human resource management work such as recruitment and salary calculation, accounting task such as settlement of expenses, general affairs task such as procuring necessary office equipment, increased greatly. Furthermore, our business model has developed further these days where marketing activities and some parts of the training material development task has been well established and systemized. These tasks have been transferred to back office staffs.

Our clients are mostly leading companies in Japan. Thus, the quality necessary to meet the demand of our client is extremely high. Documents such as invoices and contracts that will be sent to the clients must be in perfect shape. With the years of experience accumulated within the company, back office staff will first learn the level of work quality necessary to meet the demands.


Specific work content

Work areas include international business, training support, accounting, human resource management, general affairs, and legal management.

International business

The work focuses on supporting the Singaporean branch of Precena. Specific task include registration management of overseas open seminars, preparation of open seminars, salary calculation, labor management, and settlement of fees for overseas staffs. There will be daily use of English to communicate with foreign nationality staffs.

Training support

The work focuses on supporting the backbone of Precena service which is the training operation. The task include registering of training date, price, training content, customer personnel in charge, company address and other information on a data base which will be used as the basis of all training operation.


This is the general accounting task. More specifically, the task includes checking payment, entering accounting data, and confirming daily cash flow. At Precena, simply conducting task is not enough but members are required to always think of ways to improve the efficiency of operation.

Human resource management

The work focuses on logistical work in relation to recruitment and management of staffs including setting up interview dates and procedure for entering Precena, salary and incentive calculation of all staffs, and checking the status of annual pay leaves.

General affairs

Precena’s training is held across country. Therefore, there are many business trips by professional position staffs. Arranging hotels and travel method as well as checking the settlement expenses is also the task of the back office staffs. Other than such tasks, inventory management, customer relation, telephone calls are also tasks of the back office staffs.

Legal management

The work includes preliminary check of legal documents, compilation of documents and sending to clients. Filing and managing signed legal documents are also the task of back office staffs. Other than the above, filing intellectual property rights and other usage rights are also the task of back office staffs.

Who we are looking for

The pre-requisite is to understand and have sympathy towards the company mission “to systemize and disseminate business skills”. It is critical as a Precena member to have strong passion towards development of business professionals and companies through education. Strong passion does not mean simply having the notion “human resource development is important” but having a story to tell on why you think such development is important based on personal experience or vision.

The work of back office staff is wide ranging. Furthermore, it is not simply “back office work” but is, as mentioned before, the backbone of Precena operation. Therefore, it is crucial for the back office staffs to have the skill to manage multi tasks and also have the strong sense of responsibility to finish all tasks. Since our clients are leading companies, the mentality necessary is “let’s strive for higher quality” rather than settling at “this is good enough”. Being able to communicate well with Precena staffs and feeling passionate about supporting Precena members is also important.

Finally, Precena is a “professional firm” and at the same time a “venture company” and a “business corporation” conducting training services. We pride ourselves being professionals and also retain adaptability to change, modesty, and graciousness. At the same time, the staffs have organizational mindset and leadership quality to always improve the current state of the company.

Recruiting Position Back office staff
Job description ♦International business
♦Labor management
♦General affairs
♦Human resource development
♦Secretariat task
♦Training material development support
Salary Will be decided based on skill and experience
Average salary of sales support position 2013: 523 (ten thousand), 2012: 510 (ten thousand), 2011: 474 (ten thousand)
Place of Work Tokyo office.
No business trips or outside meeting with clients.
Allowance and welfare Housing allowance, family allowance, spouse allowance, entrance pay, travel allowance, insurance, complete medical check up, overseas training scheme, 2 day weekend holiday, festal day, annual holiday with pay, summer vacation (5days), yearend vacation(approximately 10 days), golden week vacation(5days), refresh vacation(5 days from second year), birthday leave, congratulation or condolence leave, childbirth leave, child care leave
– Annual holiday 140 days
– Already few acquisition history of staff childbirth leave and childcare leave
Application qualification ☆Have the following values
♦Able to conduct work standing in other people’s position and not just confining ones job to assigned responsibility.
♦Have wide view point in processing work
♦Caring about others
♦Can set priorities when multi-tasking
♦Want to utilize ones strength and acquire new skills
♦Want to take on new challenges
♦Can conduct work in a precise manner
♦Positively act to improve work efficiency
♦Value team work and can operate based on changing environment
♦Enjoy being helpful ☆Have the following degree and experience
♦Graduated from 4 year university and above
♦Have basic business manner
♦English skills (telephone calls, documentation)
♦Have basic PC skills (Word、Excel)
* PowerPoint skill are welcome
♦Editorial skill are welcome
[Reference 1]
Staff’s affiliated university
Keio University, Waseda University, Aoyama Gakuin University, Kyoto Joshi University, Tanki University, Sophia University, Meiji University, Hokkaido University, Keisen Jogakuen University, Rikkyo University, others
[Reference 2]
Staff’s previous employment
Secretary of executive at major electronic company, back office staff at manufacturing company, banker at urban/rural bank, editorial position at major publishing company, human resource department staff at IT venture  company, SE at IT company, paralegal at law firm, JOCV, others
[Reference 3]
Average age
Late 20s to late 40s, average 35s
Application procedure If you found out about Precena from a “job search site”, please apply from the site you searched. Otherwise, please apply from the link below or send the CV and work experience information either through email or to the following address.

Postal Code 102-0072
4-7-10 Iidabashi Central Building 9F, Iidabashi Chiyoda-ku Tokyo
Precena Strategic Partners Co., Ltd.