Business Company

Pleasure of employees supporting each other

It is already several years from Precena’s foundation, number of employee is increasing, and we are becoming Business Company. One of the biggest merit of working in Business Company is to feel pleasure through support each other among employees.

In HR development industry, we often meet independent instructors. Of course, it is choice of each person and we can understand it. But Precena instructors selected to work not as independent instructor, but as a person in organization. Because we think there is a value to work with colleagues who have same vision, support each other, and improve each other.

There is a limitation you can do something alone. If you cooperate with colleagues, it can be bigger power, and you can make bigger influence on the society. The life is long, so we would like to have good work and private life. To realize it, we think it is important to have pleasure from supporting each other among colleagues.

Fun to improve our specialty

Precena has function wise organization, and there are around 15 division and more than 60 teams. Also, we have been trying to do everything by ourselves as much as possible, for example setting up internal network, developing operation system, and making design of our promotion materials etc., without asking external companies service. As a result, we are confident to have specialties on each organization.

No matter which job type you are, a Front or Middle or Back position, all of us are assigned to some part of organization, so we think it is one of pleasures to improve our specialties in those organization and contribute to company development.

Pleasure and worthwhile to proceed continuous business

Business of Precena is HR development, and it is necessary to have long term viewpoint. Even if you conduct training, you cannot see immediate growth of sales amount, and change company culture immediately. HR development is a business to support people in several years and as a result, company can have power gradually, change mindset of the employees, and then realize growth of company.

It is big pleasure and worthwhile to grow together with client company and trainees through delivering various service like training for several years.