Director Hironao Suzuki

There are 7 mind stance principles which are valued at Precena. Since this is truly important for all members that work at Precena, I will introduce these principles below.

Always think about producing the “wow factor” inside the firm, to the client, and to the world by insisting on “high quality”.

The reason why we are trusted by our clients is because we are insistent on producing high quality services that we ourselves can be proud of in the business skills arena. This is where our value exists. We do not settle for just satisfying our clients. Beyond our clients, there are customers of our clients, and so on, eventually reaching out to the entire society. Our true value is for our clients to become an organization that further contributes to the society. As such, we envision and constantly think about our client’s future role in the society and how Precena can support such endeavors. To do so, it is first important for each member to be able to produce the “wow factor” within the firm so that this process can be applied to our clients as well.

Operating sustainable business management

Our services extend out to many people in one company. For example, if two people in the company receive different training and the understanding level of the two people is different, the person with the lower understanding can become the bottleneck of the company which will weaken the integrity of the organization. To manage this risk, we take great care in providing stable quality training so that trainees will have similar understanding of the content provided. Furthermore, professionals require and receive different types of training depending on experience level. The actual impact of such training at the company level might take 5 to 10 years. Training people requires a long term commitment and vision. In order to provide our clients the services that are required for a long term vision, it is crucial for Precena to manage our business operation in a sustainable manner.

Everybody works as a leader

When Precena was founded, there were only 3 people in the firm. In this foundation phase, everyone thought about the objective of the company, and created their own tasks. Since then, more and more people have joined Precena but the heart of the foundation phase still exists. Being able to think about the objective of the company and produce tasks by oneself is one of the pre-requisites of entering Precena. Leadership in Precena is not defined as becoming the CEO of the company but to be able to create one’s own task by getting assistance from other members and fulfilling one’s responsibilities.

Support each other as family and grow together

At Precena, there is no one that is happy with being able to do everything by themselves. On the other hand, there are many of those that can accomplish a lot by themselves but take much more joy in accomplishing even more by accumulating other members’ strengths. Since all jobs at Precena require interacting with other people, building a high level mutual trust is essential. As such, the value that we hold at Precena is to take great care of our members and to treat each other as “family”. However, this does not necessary mean creating a cozy environment where no one feels the pressure. Since the firm is still young, it is in the hand of each member to envision the desired state of the firm and grow accordingly. To enable this, the principle is all members to support each other and to keep on growing.

Aim for “Raku (“ease” and “joy”)

Reading up to now, you might think that working at this company is very difficult! This is where this principle comes in. Aiming for “Raku” has two meanings. The first is to aim for “ease” and work using as few resources as possible. For example, if we can provide the same quality services using less people, we can provide the services more easily at a lower price. If we can systemize some work procedures, we can provide the same level of quality output using less time and can go home earlier. The second is to aim for “joy”. Since we spend almost 1/3 of our life working, it is difficult to become happy without feeling joyful at work. In pursuit of this happiness, we value the sense of reward and joy in performing daily work.

Valuing courtesy, temperance, and dignity within and outside the company

As service providers of education, the value of courtesy, temperance, and dignity are very important. For example, if the instructor is sloppy and looks dowdy, who would want to receive training from them? If the sales person of the training company says something irresponsible, who would believe in the content of such a training company? To avoid this situation and to establish trust between the companies, we take great care in valuing the adequate courtesy, temperance, and dignity necessary. In addition, by always practicing and having these three values even within the firm working environment, the values become a natural habit of each member of Precena.

Take on new challenges

Taking on new challenges is not something that must be done every day. However, if one is sitting in a comfortable position for a long time, it will become difficult to adjust to the environmental change. To avoid this situation, it is important to always have the antenna out and think about taking on new challenges once in a while to revive the senses. Taking on new challenges does not necessary mean developing new products, services, or a new business. Becoming able to do something that was not done before is enough. If a new platform is made, another person can take on another challenge from there. By accumulating such challenges, the company as a whole can grow immensely. These are our mind-set principles. It is difficult to establish all of these at once but we truly believe in the importance of these principles. By valuing these principles, Precena can be Precena and become a firm that truly cares and adds value to our clients and to society.