Founder Takahisa Takada

Introduction as Founder

As founder of Precena, I would like to introduce myself with regards to my managing principles. I am often asked “have you always wanted to start a company?” and my answer has always been “Not at all”, “and if I were asked if I would to do it again, I would most likely say “No”. For me, starting a company was only a means to an end. Throughout my career as a young professional, I failed to find a company that I truly desired to work at, therefore, the only way to find that company was to start my own. I also often receive the question “do you plan to go IPO?” and the answer has always been “No”. An IPO is neither a means nor an end. Like I mentioned before, the reason for starting a company was to finally find a place that I truly want to work at. This is most likely the reason why the most important principle at Precena is to make the staff happy, leading to client’s happiness, and not solely focused on business success and growth.

During my youth, I often took the role of class president and head of extracurricular activities and the one thing I learned about myself is that I am not quite fit as a “leader”. Of course, there are traits that allow me to lead a group effectively so to state it more precisely, I am not fit to lead a group “on my own”. I have lived my life with a motto to compete where my strengths lie. Therefore, I am able to compete in my strong areas but at the same time, I am well aware of my weaknesses as well. In managing the company, I always keep my eye on placing the right person in the right jobs. This is how the concept of “all staff management” is established at Precena.

The concept of “Precena belonging to each staff”

Before I explain about the type of professionals we are looking for, I would like to discuss about our way of thinking about “staff”. Precena is a limited corporation with the stock owned by the founders but we do not believe that the company belongs to the stock owners. Of course, it is important that the founders invested initial funding to start the company but the reason why Precena is where it is now is due to the clients’ support and the staff’s endless endeavor to meet the requirements of the clients.

“Permanent employee and employment for life”

Another important principle that we hold at Precena is that all staff members are hired as permanent employees and the job is career long employment. Many clients tell us that this idea is “unique” since a lot of the Precena members are from foreign affiliated consulting firms where “up or out” is the usual concept for career style. Furthermore, in an industry full of sole proprietorships, why take the permanent employee system? This guiding principle can be explained from the benefit of the client’s perspective as well as the benefit of the staff’s perspective.

From the client’s perspective, in order to provide constant high quality training, we have to avoid a situation where the salesperson or instructor in charge is changing often. We believe that we can contribute to providing the best services to our clients if all Precena members are committed to the responsibilities as permanent employees.

From the staff’s perspective, we believe that it is important to continue to put effort into work with a mid to long-term perspective. There are obviously ups and downs to work. Just because one work did not lead to success, it is surely nonsense to give up, and equally, just because one work led to success, it is also dangerous to get too excited over such success. Work comprises almost one third of our lives. To confront work earnestly, it is necessary for one to have a long term perspective and this is why we believe in the permanent employee system.
Lastly, a very important message is just because Precena takes the permanent employee and employment for life system, it does not mean that people that do not work can settle in the company. Rather, every staff is always thinking about how they can contribute to Precena, if they are providing services that match the quality required by clients, if they are working as much as they are being paid for. The system employed at Precena is established based on the fact that the members are all self-reliant professionals.

80% logic and 20% human empathy

At Precena everything is judged rationally. Being in a higher position or lower position has no significance. If the statement made is correct and the way of delivering the message is apt, anyone’s message is considered seriously. As mentioned before the company belongs to the staff and the current company state could never have been realized without the voice of each staff.

Although a cliché, we truly believe in the concept “Business is People”. Precena is built upon the collective wisdom of its staff. Taking in everyone’s ideas and making decisions rationally is the guiding principle at Precena. However, another important message is just being correct about what you want to convey is not enough. It is equally important to know how to get the message across to your colleagues. In the real business situation, stating the “right thing” is sometimes not enough and how you state the right thing is also very important. 80% logic and 20% empathy is the balance we are looking for.