Manager Noritaka Watada

Why Precena?

Since I have been interested in corporate human resources, at first I chose the work of HR consulting. Through its consulting business, I deepened my understanding in human resources-related business. However, as understanding deepened, I began to think that I want to be at the forefront of clients’ work and want to be involved in education field that I can directly feel my contribution to clients. The reason why I chose Precena is professionalism of staffs who never compromise when developing teaching materials. I had a discussion with interviewer on teaching materials development during the interview of Precena, and I felt attracted to the depth of the discussion. One of tasks after joining Precena includes the development of teaching materials. I feel a great sense of accomplishment when I make unorganized concepts of business skills organized through the discussion with my colleagues.

Tasks responsible for at Precena

I am primarily responsible for the development of teaching materials and instructor. Taking advantage of a consulting background in HR, I am making materials on organizational culture and new case studies of existing materials. Previously I had never been involved in teaching materials development, but, with a help of Precena team, I can get used to the task smoothly. In addition to the development work, I am conducting training on problem solving and logical thinking at client sites. Unlike teaching material development, instructors are creating training from the scratch on the spot with trainees. I prepare for every single training so that the training is catered for trainees.

What motivates me?

Again, I feel rewarded when I see positive reactions from trainees at a training. Even short period of time of one day class during which trainees show a steady growth, I realize that my training is actually helping them to grow.

Trainings offered at Precena are customized to suit the layer structure of companies and characteristics of trainees. In addition, no single training is the same as trainees are different every time. Giving a training is a job to create a learning opportunity with trainees based on teaching materials. Although it is very difficult to create the learning place to make sure all trainees can actually learn, it is all the more rewarding when I witness trainees make a great progress in the training.

Concluding words

Precena offers opportunities for all who wish to make move not only in the existing business such as sales, development, and training, but also new business creation. We are waiting for future colleagues who are never satisfied with status-quo and desperate for continuing growth.