Precena’s 30-year road map

What is Precena’s 30-year road map?

As a firm that is advocating “lifework of systemizing disseminating business skills”, we are seriously considering how the Precena members will be working in the next 10, 20, and 30 years. When thinking about our objective as a firm, simply growing our management indicator is not our primary goal. What is more important is “what role we should play in society”. This topic was discussed amongst our members and the road map was “roughly” developed.

“Roughly” is another important concept at Precena. Since we do not coerce our members to do any tasks, we do not set a specific date as to when we should accomplish the objective. For us, specific date is not something that is pre-determined, but is something that we put after it is complete while working at the best of our capability to achieve such objective. As a venture company, the growth speed of the company can be determined by ourselves. The roughly shared roadmap is a policy that is not too difficult for Precena members or for our clients, and is possible to accomplish without lowering our service standard.

Identifying the 3 “eventuals”

At Precena, there are 3 “eventual” missions. The first is “eventually global”. The second is “eventually B to C”. And the third is “eventually academic”. Each has its own deeply thought out concept. Below, we will share our business vision including our current business skill training services and planning outsourcing services.

Training services

“Training service” is our backbone service and this will not change in the future. “Planning outsourcing services” includes developing training materials and or developing mid-term management plans for clients. This is more focused on dealing with the actual problem that is being faced by the client and is also a good opportunity for Precena to learn about the client’s field of work and where the issue lies. By providing such services, Precena can recognize the timely and up to date issues facing companies in the business world today. This knowledge can be accumulated to develop training material content that is systemized enough to be useful for other companies and industries. This is the core of our business concept.

Contents services

Training services has one big weakness. That is, it is a “labor intensive” industry. From our perspective, we need competent instructors (labor) to operate the business. On the other hand, our clients need to pay high traveling expenses for the trainees (labor) to receive the training. It is a human to human interaction business and the resources that are expended in this interaction are not small. To solve this problem, we are now focusing on a web learning system and assessment services (contents services) that transcend time and space. This allows the minimization of such resources use. Precena’s training service and the assessment of business skills can now be accessed through the internet allowing people all over Japan and the world to see. From the year 2011, the Contents Division was established within Precena to enhance sales and marketing of this new service. Taking into account the global expansion of IT, we are planning to grow the content services to be one of the backbone services of Precena.

Eventually “B to C”

After the contents services reaches its goal, it is time for the last eventually which is “B to C”. We plan to extend our services not just to companies but also to individuals. As you know, B to C in the training business is difficult to sustainably manage as it requires high marketing cost while individual revenue is small. Precena currently is providing training services to individuals together with the Waseda University Extension Center and Academy Hills. We truly believe in the merit of training individuals who have the strong “will” to learn. Therefore, eventually, Precena plans to contribute to the society by providing services to these highly motivated individuals regardless of the profitability.

Global expansion

Recently, it is difficult to live a day without considering the globalization of business. Precena provides training to many company leaders and in the same context, we often hear of the necessity to be a “global leader” and have “global skill”. In understanding Japanese company education, “global” is something that cannot be ignored. The global training business is something that Precena should undertake to cater to our clients’ needs as well as to deepen and widen the company’s knowledge and skill. From the year 2012, Precena has established an International Division and has started providing training services overseas including such countries as Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Thailand.

Academic expansion

Academic expansion is the most distant goal. The goal image is to create a world where “problem solving” and “logical thinking” are being taught at high schools and universities. It is not only the business professionals that require these skills. These essential skills are also useful for non-business professionals to take on the personal challenges in life. For instance, problem solving to pass the university entrance exam, issue setting for job hunting, organization management and leadership to get through the schooling days. These are all skills that are useful for students as well. However, academic is a field which requires extensive results and is not a profitable business. Therefore, Precena needs to build its organizational strength first to take on this challenge. A few courses have been conducted at universities as a trial but in the future, the goal is for such subjects to be part of the standard course at high schools and universities.