Principal Chiyuri Kimura

Why Precena?

I was called upon by the Founder Takada, whom I knew from a previous job, that “I want to start a new business. Why don’t we do together?”. I made up my mind as I had been thinking that the younger we will have more time and energy the better if diving into a start-up field.

Tasks responsible for at Precena

My current main tasks include development of new training materials and skills assessment. In particular, taking advantage of the background of MBA degree, I am working on knowledge-based courses in general. For new training material development, I take responsibilities to finalize a material from the scratch by organizing what to be taught in a class and creating exercises in response to the request of needs both inside and outside the company. In addition, I am also involved in outsource planning projects and conducting trainings as an instructor.

What motivates me?

I feel a great sense of accomplishment when new materials and assessments are given birth to the world by the hands of instructors. MBA type course training offered by Precena is distinctive in a nature as each subject, which seemingly unrelated each other, is organically united to create a unique viewpoints to the world as a whole instead of separating “accounting is accounting” or “strategy is strategy”. I believe it is very challenging attempt to build a core of unique viewpoints to the world and to unite subjects all together. Sometimes, we spend days with unorganized, fragmented ideas, but the joy we feel when the work is completed compensates all.

Concluding words

Precena is a great workplace for both women and men. Since its incorporation, I had been working as the only female professional staff for certain period of time. Tasks, responsibilities, and positions are assigned to everyone regardless of gender, and performance of staffs is equally evaluated. I gave birth a baby three years ago, and returned to the work from maternity leave last year. I sometimes cannot help but reduce the working hours in the unexpected situation when taking care of my baby. Even such case, flexible work system and culture of performance-based evaluation at Precena are great help to me. Before my child was born, I was too into the new challenges not to mention a hectic time of the foundation. But now, I weigh on pursuing the quality of the work while valuing the time with family. We look forward to application from you who build the future of Precena together.