Professional firm

There are many employees who used to work in consulting firms, which is one representative type of professional firm. We would like to explain the attractive points of Precena as a “Professional firm” in an easy to understand way by comparing it with a consulting firm.

Good response directly from the front line

Although we are offering training to many clients, what we are offering is not training for training, but training for contributing to business. Many companies have a business strategy, mid-term business plan to realize strategy, HR vision to have people who can execute the business plan, and then a training plan for having people who are much with HR vision. Sometimes, some companies do not have such ideas and conduct so-called training for training. But we try not to conduct such training, but try to offer the proper training considering what kind training can really contribute to clients’ business.

Why did our employees, who used to work in consulting firms, decided to work in Precena? It is because they can get good response from frontline people directly. Honestly speaking, if we are conducting workshop style training to make a mid-term business plan or consider problem solving for the work, what we are doing looks not much different from what we did in a consulting firm. But the actual big difference is who are taking initiative to consider. If it is by a consulting firm, the initiator is the consultant, and the consultant tries to influence the decision making of the client’s top management. So sometimes the actual decision making is different from our intention, and sometimes the client cannot execute as they decided, and it is difficult to get a good response. But if it is a training, the initiators are the trainees who are, for example, division head or managers, actually working on the frontlines, and discussion can have an influence on decision making in actual work and behavior from the next day. This is a very good response we can get.

If the trainees are not managers, but young to mid layer, the response can be a bit different. Training subject can be more basic skills, but many employees will learn how to think and how to work, and actually they will utilize what they learned in the training and execute their work. If we say approach of consulting firm is “narrow, deep”, our approach is “wide, shallow”. We really believe we can make influence on competitiveness of Japanese companies through what we teach many trainees from leading companies.

Wider viewpoint you can learn from clients of various industries

Now we are offering more than 100 leading companies. If we are consultant, usually one person would take care of one to two clients at the same time. And usually it takes several months for one client, so consultant can have relations with a several companies per year. But if it is training, usually we have relations with one client with several days per year. So one person can take care 20 to 30 clients at the same time. Moreover, many clients repeat same type of training every year, so it is not rare case to take care of one client for more than 5 years.

Also, business skill that we are offering is basic way of thinking, and it is utilized in various industries. And we do not divide responsibility among employees by industry, so you can take care of many clients from various industries. So you can learn the latest business issues from many clients from various industries.

As an instructor, it a pleasure to be clear on the business issue of the client

Precena it not company to conduct consulting, but have training materials as product. Employees are not consultant, but instructor to utilize these products and support growth of clients. This is also big difference from consulting firm.

Business skill is a strong field of Precena, and we have certain achievement in this field and get good reputation and trust from many clients already. While if it is consultant, they do not have solid product, so sometime it is difficult to trust from the beginning.

Also, our main subjects are thinking skill like problem solving, it is fun for us to see real issues of the client though discussion in the training. If it is consultant, the people whom we can contact are limited product members from the client, and they often show “official face” when consultant make interview etc. So it is difficult to know real issues. But if we communicate with many trainees as instructor, we can understand real issues from various layer and organization. It is also our pleasure to discuss those real issues with HR members or higher managements from the clients.

Pleasure to seek a universal answer that can be utilized in various industries and situations

Lastly, Precena vision is “Systemizing and spreading business skills”. In different words, we are doing research to find out basic way of thinking that we can apply for various industries and time.

Consultant job is full order made for each client. But we do not do it. Because cost will be higher for full order made. We say that consultant makes $1 million report for 10 people, but Precena training business is making $10 K training material for 1,000 people. Not so many client can pay $1 million, so if we make only such report, impact on the society is not so big. We want to make product based on universal answer that we can apply for all clients. With same kind of idea, we are developing web learning that concept is $100 for 100,000 people. If we really want to spread business skills to the world, we need to make product that normal consumer can utilize easily.

Of course, it is difficult to make “unique answer” that consultant is making for each client, but if result is good, bad quality can be accepted by client. But if we try to make “universal answer”, situation can be different. We need to consider, for example, “It can be applied for financial industry, but how about maker?”, “It is related to manager, but how about young to mid layer people?”, “It is important now, but how about 10 years later?” etc. It is difficult, but also pleasure to keep seeking such “universal answer”