Professional Position

Two different positions

Our business is expanding globally, and we have a lot of inquiries from our clients to conduct trainings in different languages such as English, Chinese, Korean, Indonesian, Malay, Thai, Vietnamese, and etc.

We already have four offices golbally (Tokyo, Singapore, Jakarta, and Kuala Lumpur), but will start new offices to the new countries including Asia Pacific, North/South America, Europe, Middle East, Africa based on our clients’ needs.

We are looking for the persons in different two positions.

Professional position 1

  • Those who can live in Japan, conduct trainings in English in Japan.
  • In charge for the client work in Japan

Professional positoin 2

  • Those who will live in their home country, can travel around the world including Japan and Singapore, and conducting trainings in English and their own language.
  • In charge for management work and client work in home country

About the client work, all professionals in Precena is in charge of conducting training as an instructor, developing training material as developer, conducting sales and marketing as sales in charge, as well as enhancing the business platform through establishing business alliance with business partners. By acquiring the business skills Precena offers and utilizing it together with the past professional experience, the professional position staff will be working together with top companies in Japan. Since Precena does not contract out to external instructors and does not utilize contents produced by other companies, all professional position staff is required to work for sales marketing, developing training material, and instructing.

These days, training content coverage area of Precena has expanded from the original core area of “thinking skills” to “human skills”, “communication skill”, to “global skill” development. At the same time, the method of delivering our services has also diversified to providing training through web learning and also hybrid type training where web learning and group training is combined to form a course. The services has expanded to provide assistance to our clients in not just training but also support the formulation of mid-term managerial plan and deploying such plan to department goals, assisting individuals in running the PDCA cycle to accomplish the department goals, establishing systemized training scheme within the company that matches the human resources development vision of the company, and so forth.

To recruit competent professionals with consulting, managerial, and work experience in top business environment that can take on this challenge, we provide and sustain a reasonable pay standard. To live up to such standard, we must sustainably provide high quality services to our clients. At the same time, we value work life balance and promote efficiency in work procedure to actualize such balance.

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Specific job content


Our basic concept is to create a “global one firm” although the business in Japan is still big. All offices are equal, we can help each other, we can learn each other. We are already collaborating globally for our clients, such as a “Problem solving e-learning development in Japanese/English/Chinese for Panasonic”.

To start a new office in new country is very challenging. We already have a lot of client basis, but most of them are limited to Japanese companies at the moment. We have plenty of training contents, but most of them are optimized to Japanese clients. Our challenge is to understand the difference of the market, requiremets for HR management, concrete needs for training including e-learning, assessment, and so on.

The role of the management is to understand Precena’s mission, vision, and value, to think about the cultural difference, to customize our existing assets to the local needs, to create a new product or service to the clients according to the local needs, to create suitable business model in the country, to build a strong local team to deliver our service, … so many!

If you are interested in “Business skills” and like to organize and systematize them, I believe that working in Precena will be a good career option for you.


Instructors will be in charge of giving training to various level staffs in leading companies around the world in topics such as “problem solving”, “logical presentation”, “leadership”, “business strategy”, “accounting”, “marketing” and so on. The training will not be limited to one shot training but will go deeper into the customer’s needs such as providing course type training to “formulate mid-term managerial plans”, “establish a positive organizational culture after M&A”, or “training of trainers to establish training scheme within the company”. Our in-house trainers training scheme is well established for fresh instructors to become well experienced professionals.

Training Material Development

Precena not only conducts training material development for Precena’s training but also develops training material for training held by clients themselves. The content covered is from basic thinking skills such as “problem solving” and “logical thinking” to human skills such as “staff coaching”, “leadership”, as well as managerial issues such as “vision penetration”. The real appeal of this job is to have a fruitful discussion with the client on “what is needed in the business world today” and to develop effective training content based on such discussion. For example, Precena has developed training material in “problem solving”, “staff coaching”, “leadership”, “establishing effective work procedure” together with Toyota and the content created is not confined to training Toyota group but also global companies around the world.  The content covers wide range of issues and “made in Precena” training material is expanding out into the world. The know-how of developing such training material is accumulated within the company so new staffs will be provided adequate training to conduct this work professionally.

Sales and Marketing

Precena is a company that does not conduct push sales. Rather, Precena focuses on conducting effective marketing for the clients to feel that they require Precena services. After the clients feel the need, we customize training content to fit the core needs of the clients. Currently, we are providing services to almost all industries adding up to 250 active clients in ASEAN. However, our endeavor is still half way. Precena is now providing different types of training courses to increase the ROI of training. Sales activity at Precena is not confined to simply conducting to its original definition but deeply understanding our client’s needs to link such information to training material development in the attempt to increase Precena’s mid to long term competitiveness.

Application Form

Who we are looking for

The core activity of Precena is to “systemize business skill”. Therefore, the interest in such activity is a prerequisite for Precena members. More specifically, mindset such as “experience and gut feeling is what is important”, “as long as the result is ok”, or “just try and see” is not our way of thinking. Precena way of thinking is “what is the essence of the issue” or “what if we were to generalize the concept”. As such, Precena is partly an academic company that seeks to find the underlying concepts behind the phenomenon.

Precena is a “professional firm” and at the same time a “venture company” and a “business corporation” conducting training services. We pride ourselves being professionals and also retain adaptability to change, modesty, and graciousness. At the same time, the staffs have organizational mindset and leadership quality to always improve the current state of the company.


Recruiting Position Professional Position
Job Description Position1:
♦Sales and Marketing
♦Training Material DevelopmentPosition2:
Position1 plus
♦Organization management
♦Promoting alliance others
Salary Will be decided based on skill and experience.
Place of work Position1 : Japan
Position2 : Your country
*for the 1st month you need to stay in Japan to understand each other
Allowance and welfare Housing allowance, family allowance, spouse allowance, entrance pay, travel allowance, insurance, complete medical check up, overseas training scheme, 2 day weekend holiday, festal day, annual holiday with pay, summer vacation (5days), yearend vacation(approximately 10 days), golden week vacation(5days), refresh vacation(5 days from second year), birthday leave, congratulation or condolence leave, childbirth leave, child care leave
– Already few acquisition history of staff childbirth leave and childcare leave
Application qualification ☆Have the following values
♦Have interest in business skill and human resource development
♦Take joy in developing a venture company
♦Take joy in working together with colleagues
♦Can think logically
♦Have the passion to disseminate ones experience and will
♦Want to develop oneself through professional work experience
☆Have the following degree and experience
♦Graduated from 4 year university and above
♦Have worked in a company equal to or above our clientele
♦Have work experience using English, Chinese <Welcome>
♦MBA holder <Welcome>
♦Have worked in a consulting firm <Welcome>
♦Have managerial experience <Welcome>
[Reference 1]
Staff’s affiliated university
For Position1
(Singapore) National University of Singapore, Nanyang university
(Japan)  Kyoto University(Japan), International Christian UniversityFor Position2
Tokyo University, Kyoto University, Hokkaido University, Nagoya University, Waseda University, Sophia University, Keio University Business School (MBA), Aoyama Gakuin University, others
National University of Singapore, Nanyang university
University of Indonesia, Diponegoro University
[Reference 2]
Staff’s previous employment
Business strategy consulting firm(McKinsey and Company, Boston Consulting Group, others), accounting strategy consulting firm (Accenture, Abeam Consuting, Deloite Tohmatsu Consulting, others), human resource strategy consulting firm(Mercer Japan, IBM Business Consulting Service), local government, major electronic manufacturing company, foreign affiliated insurance company, major real estate companies, major IT consultant companies, others
[Reference 3]
Staff average age
Staff average age Late 20s – low 50s, Average mid-30s
Application procedure If you found out about Precena from a “job search site”, please apply from the site you searched. Otherwise, please apply from the link below or send the CV and work experience information either through email or to the following address.

Postal Code 102-0072
4-7-10 Iidabashi Central Building 9F, Iidabashi Chiyoda-ku Tokyo
Precena Strategic Partners Co., Ltd.

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