Sales support position

Sales support position

The sales support position is in charge of supporting the Professional position staff who conduct training, training material development, and sales and marketing. The sales support position is the backbone of Precena in sustaining high quality services. The specific job include coordinating sales materials and all logistics involved in providing training.

By acquiring the business skills Precena offers and utilizing it together with the past professional experience, the sales support position staff will be working together with top companies in Japan. Precena also values work life balance. Therefore, many staffs take short and long vacation throughout the year.

In addition, Precena offers year-end vacation(approximately 10 days)which can be taken dividedly・flexible working time・long term child care leave・reduction of working hours scheme and much more to fit the life style of individuals.

Specific Job Content

Sales support position staff has two basic areas of work. The first area is to “fully support the professional position staff” and the other is to “manage sales operation as sales professionals”.

In order to fully explain this position, let us take a look at the background of how this position was established. In Precena, we have the policy not to divide “sales, development, and instructing” activity. In order to develop a training program that fully caters to the client’s needs, the hearing results from the client must be precisely developed into the training material, and such training material must precisely be delivered as training. In addition, the result of the delivery (training) must also be analyzed and utilized for further improvement of the training program. This is how the PDCA cycle of training services work. Therefore, the professional position staff must conduct training material development and instructing together with sales to organically link the three activities to ensure high quality services.

However, professional position staff utilizes much of their time either conducting training or training material development that there may be times where it is difficult to respond to our clients in a timely manner. From this perspective, supporting the professional position staff to enable high quality sales is the first responsibility of the sales support position.

As mentioned before, professional position staff are instructors. Therefore, as time passes, Precena’s personnel in charge of sales will eventually become the support position staff while the professional position staff will be in touch with the client as instructors. At this stage, sales support position staff is no longer the assistant but will become the main sales personnel in charge that work together with the professional position staff. This is the second responsibility of the sales support position.

Our clients are mostly leading companies in Japan. Thus, the quality of demand of human resources development is extremely high. The first three years of work will focus on supporting the professional position staff. If you prefer doing the support role, this can continue for however long. After three years, the sales support position staff will have accumulated enough skill and knowledge for one to conduct sales activity on one’s own which will lead to the second responsibility.



Job Contents and Image


Below is the specific work content and the weighted average work time.

Sales assistant: 20%

When visiting a customer for the first time, the sales support position staff will prepare pamphlet of the company and basic data of the client. In addition, the sales support position will take a memorandum of the meeting and utilize it for providing assistance in making proposals to the client. The proposal will mainly be made by the professional position staff but the sales support position staff will also have the opportunity to make such proposal for training purposes. As one accumulates enough experience and the relationship with the client is firm, the sales support position staff will also develop proposals for existing client’s succeeding year proposal.

Sales contact: 30%

The characteristic of our training is that we do not only provide packaged training but also conduct training material development for the client. In order to supply such service, often times there are consecutive meetings with the client. The sales support position staff will function as the main contact point and be in charge of setting up meetings and organizing meeting results to support the professional position staff who are most of the time outside of work place conducting training.

Training logistics assistant: 30%

Once the decision to conduct the training is final, there will be many logistical issues such as scheduling the training and the instructor, confirming the venue, preparing necessary apparatus, checking the number of trainees and so forth. To avoid any misunderstanding between Precena and the client on any logistical issues, the sales support position staff will be in charge of creating documents to confirm the responsibilities of each party. This work will be done together with the back office staff as well as the professional position staff within the office.

Attending training: 10%

Sales support position staff will also attend the training to support set up the training venue, distribute training material and feedback sheet to the trainees. Most of the time, this work will be conducted by the client themselves so such operation is rare. However, when meeting with a client outside of Tokyo, there are cases of going on a business trip.

Marketing assistance: 10%

Precena holds open seminars catered to human resource development personnel twice a month. Sales support position staff will be in charge of conducting the registration, overall operation of the seminar day, collecting the feedback sheet, and other follow up activities. At the seminar, we provide detailed information about the benefits of the training as well as show them first-hand the efficiency and effectiveness of the training service operation. When having the open seminar in Nagoya or Osaka, there will be cases of going on a business trip.

Who we are looking for

The pre-requisite is to understand and have sympathy towards the company mission “to systemize and disseminate business skills”. It is critical as a Precena member to have strong passion towards development of business professionals and companies through education. Strong passion does not mean simply having the notion “human resource development is important” but having a story to tell on why you think such development is important based on personal experience or vision.

As mentioned before, the sales support position staff will be responsible for mainly supporting the professional position staff and conducting sales as Precena representative. Therefore, one must first like to conduct support work and secondly like working directly with clients. In addition, we are looking for a sales support position staff who would like to conduct sales activity on one’s own in the future.

Finally, Precena is a “professional firm” and at the same time a “venture company” and a “business corporation” conducting training services. We pride ourselves being professionals and also retain adaptability to change, modesty, and graciousness. At the same time, the staffs have organizational mindset and leadership quality to always improve the current state of the company.



Recruiting Position Sales support position
Job description ♦Sales assistant ♦Sales contact
♦Training logistics assistant
♦Attending training
♦Marketing assistance
* May be in charge of conducting sales activity to existing clients depending on experience and skill.
Salary Will be decided based on skill and experience
Average salary of sales support position 2013: 523 (ten thousand), 2012: 510(ten thousand), 2011: 474 (ten thousand)
Place of work Tokyo office. Business trip to clients work place(Sapporo, Sendai, Utsunomiya, Nagoya, Hamamatsu, Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe, Matsuyama, Hiroshima, Others)
Allowance and welfare Housing allowance, family allowance, spouse allowance, entrance pay, travel allowance, insurance, complete medical check up, overseas training scheme, 2 day weekend holiday・festal day, annual holiday with pay, summer vacation (5days), yearend vacation(approximately 10 days), golden week vacation(5days), refresh vacation(5 days from second year), birthday leave, congratulation or condolence leave, childbirth leave, child care leave
– Annual holiday 140 days
– Already few acquisition history of staff childbirth leave and childcare leave
Application qualification ☆Have the following values
♦Have interest in business skill and human resource development
♦Take joy in developing a venture company
♦Take joy in working together with colleagues
♦Can think logically
♦Have the passion to disseminate ones experience and will
♦Want to develop oneself through professional work experience
♦Want to work in a company where everyone has a big role to play
☆Have the following degree and experience
♦Graduated from 4 year university and above
♦Have basic business manner
♦Have basic PC skills
♦Professionals with sales activity experience is welcome
[Referece 1]
Staff’s affiliated university
Doshisha-University, Keio University, Kokugakuin University, Chuo University, Waseda University, Tokyo Kasei University, others
[Reference 2]
Staff’s previous employment
Sales representative of major advertisement company, sales representative of loan and trust company/ insurance company, store manager of major coffee shop, marketing representative of cosmetic company, others
[Reference 3]
Staff average age
25 – 30
Application procedure If you found out about Precena from a “job search site”, please apply from the site you searched. Otherwise, please apply from the link below or send the CV and work experience information either through email or to the following address.

Postal Code 102-0072
4-7-10 Iidabashi Central Building 9F, Iidabashi Chiyoda-ku Tokyo
Precena Strategic Partners Co., Ltd.