Sales Support Staffs

Why Precena?

“Previously I worked in a job advertisement, and employee retention was similarly low at clients I made sales visits. It was a never ending process placing a job advertisement when employee quitted, and I began to doubt if my job is really good for society. Then, I realized that I want to be involved in the job to give a necessary support to new hires and help them grow.”

“I have a long working experience in the service industry since I had a part-time job as a student, and at first I joined the coffee shop chain hoping to make customers happy through the service. Store manager position was offered to me and I enjoyed the task, but I could not take rest and sometimes could not go back home. With this kinds of life, I could no longer keep leeway in my mind, and began to hate myself not being able to serve customers well. Therefore, I wanted a job that I can work for long time. Realizing unpromising future of store manager, I joined an insurance company as a sales staff. But insurance company has quota to sales staffs, and one hand I understood there is no way as a private company but on the other hand I felt stressed proposing insurance not really necessary to customers but for a benefit to myself. I asked myself again what I really want to do in my life. Looking back the past having given educational training to dozens of part-time staffs when I was a store manager and having taught Japanese language to exchange students at my university, I reached to the conclusion that I want to support people to grow.”

“I worked for a venture company dealing with cosmetics, and was responsible for product marketing. Since graduated from the university, I had been worked in the BtoC business. However, after a while in the BtoC business to serve individual customers directly, I came to realize that I wanted a job with a wider point of view contributing to the society as a whole. Besides, my boss was married with no children at the former work place and work and life balance was weighted toward work too much, which made me realize it is not a job I wanted to continue for long. I happened to find a job post of Precena in the recruiting website, and I decided to change the job because Precena offers the service that clients really need and its management is trying hard to create an environment where everyone can work long with a policy of “lifetime employment” with other employees”.


Tasks responsible for at Precena

“I am in charge of supporting three professional staffs as a sales supporting staff, mainly communication with clients, preparing proposals, and operations of trainings. About client communication, some training like course training for management candidates is no less than 10 months length with 2 days per month and 10 sessions in total. Before the start of such course training, I always make sure operational procedures such as group classification, meeting place, emergency contacts of instructors, lunch, accommodation, pre-assignment, materials delivery date, number of printed copies, and so on, which are all written in “training operation guidance” sheet, while having a discussion with a point of contact of clients. Also, I help instructors to conduct training by sending pre-assignments to trainees and collecting post-assignments after the training. Furthermore, I am also in charge of drafting proposals to clients lately. But rather than making it on my own, I am taking a supporting role by taking meeting minutes of client meetings, summarizing background of proposal and clients’ training needs, and making training cost estimates”.

“I am also in charge of covering three professional staffs, but in addition, responsible for organizing Precena’s open seminars for potential clients in HR department. At an open seminar that takes place one to three times a month, sales supporting staffs are mainly taking tasks of all operations of the day on top of the preparatory works such as application management and venue arrangement done by back staffs. We start the preparation for the seminar early in the morning distributing teaching materials and corporate brochures on the desk and checking equipment such as projector and screen setting. Sales supporting staffs welcome attendees at the reception and guide them to the desk with a prepared seat setting. At the beginning of the seminar, we give administrative instructions to attendees and asking for questionnaire to be filled in at the end before handing the class to the instructor. During the seminar, we make sure a smooth operation and creating a good classroom environment such as room temperature and lighting as well as distributing sub-materials and post-it. After the seminar, we collect answered questionnaires, clean up the room, and send back equipment to the office”.

“Addition to the responsibilities above is client list management. All business cards of clients are consolidated in one list at Precena, and sales staffs should submit business cards collected at client visits and open seminars to sales supporting staffs. Registration and maintenance of the clients list is one of the roles that sales supporting staffs has in order to send greeting cards and invitations to future open seminars”.


What motivates me?

“Before joining Precena, I supposed that supporting role is just supporting for being thanked only internally, but reality was that I have been receiving so many thank you messages directly from HR staffs of client companies. Even though supporting role is our main responsibilities, I am very grateful to hear clients’ satisfaction while representing Precena as a company regardless of professional or supporting staffs”.

“I am also glad that both colleagues and clients appreciate my work. In addition, I feel a great sense of joy to witness trainees taking a training by our instructor when attend the training as a sales supporting staff. Seeing trainees actually making progress and saying “I had never taken such a great training before” is a direct reaction to our service, to which I am so grateful”.

“My proud of being able to make good trainings happen is my biggest motivation. I am very glad to receive compliments from clients about high standard of Precena’s operation quality including pre- and post-training supports as well as positive feedback on training itself. It is rewarding that my work before and after the training is really for our clients”.


Concluding words to future colleagues

“At first, please know about atmosphere and working environment at Precena. Before joining Precena, I wondered if everyone is working hard silently given the small size of the company. However, I soon realized that everyone at Precena is friendly and cheerful while working as professionals. It is a nice place to work and you can enjoy working”.

“Candidates who care about others and have passion for growth are good for a sales supporting position. What I felt the most after joining Precena was everyone is expected to make personal growth compared with big companies. Requirement for everyone is also set higher than ordinary companies. You can definitely enjoy working here if you pursue continuous improvement and have passion for growth”.

“First, one characteristic I can think of that is good for a sales supporting position is persons who like people. Supporting staffs should communicate not only with sales representatives but also instructors and professionals in charge of material development as well as clients outside of the company. Also, keeping a motivation to help others and to work hard for others is a plus. Making work arrangements is also needed at Precena as judging a priority is very important when dealing with more than 10 clients at the same time. Often case, professional staffs whom we are supporting are out of office to meet with clients or conduct training. We are expected to seek the best work arrangement while judging the situation by ourselves and making priorities like which tasks should be done first or later”.