Steps for joining us
♦STEP 0 Inquiry
Please ask any questions you may have concerning our recruitment
♦STEP 1 Official entry (applicant documentary screening)
Please send the next 3 documents to Precena Strategic Partners Human Resources Division (1. personal resume, 2. professional work record, and 3. statement of purpose). The result of the documentary screening will be notified to you from our recruitment in charge staff.
♦STEP 2 First interview
Please take this chance to communicate with our staffs to deepen your understanding of Precena and provide further information about yourself to promote mutual understanding.
♦STEP 3 Second interview
Please take this chance to discuss with our management team and inquire any questions that you may have. At this time, we may ask you to conduct a simple task with regards to sales activity, development of training material, and or instructing.
♦STEP 4 Final interview
Please take this change to discuss with our executive officer. We will confirm your “final will” to be a member of Precena.
♦STEP 5 Offer
Please take this chance to discuss about when to start working at Precena and how to proceed.