Venture Company

Pleasure to have freedom

We think it is very important to keep characteristic of venture company. Why did we make company by ourselves leaving big organization? Why did we join Precena leaving big company? One of the answer is because there is freedom in venture company.

Of course, we have clients, so freedom does not mean we can do anything we want. Freedom for us means, we can consider and decide our own future in long term. If employees cannot consider and decide their own future, it is not venture company, but just a small company.

We think company is existing for employees, and try to realize “All employees’ management” and “life time employment”. We can proceed what we want to do, we think we should do. For example, we can decide speed of growth of sales amount. Sales expansion itself is not our purpose, so if we think growth speed is too fast, we can decide to slow down. We have freedom to make our own future with high level colleagues in Precena, considering what is valuable for both clients and employees.

Pleasure of handmade business

Another pleasure of venture company is that you can hand handmade feeling of business. Originally Precena started from one room with 3 people who worked less than 10 years as professional. But now Precena is offering our service to many Japanese leading company like TOYOTA, Sony and Mistubishi Corporation. This result is based on our effort and it is “Handmade”.

Pleasure to make new business offering new service that nobody did before. Pleasure to keep seeking new way of doing for business from zero. Venture company has pleasure of handmade.

Pleasure of getting the direct results to the person

Lastly we can raise one more pleasure of venture company. It is pleasure to get direct result to the person. Brand of Precena is getting stronger, but it is still weak. Also supporting function like HR, legal, IT, GA etc. are also developing stage.

Company brand and supporting function are weak. It means if something happen, it will make big influence on each person. For example, if training program get good evaluation, of course client evaluate Precena, but mainly their evaluation will be for each person like sales person and instructor. Influence of each person can be much bigger than those in big company.

On the other hand, if it is bad example, if client makes touch requests, each person needs to make more effort than those in big company. Of course, we will not force each person to take all responsibility, but still influence of each person is big. This is also very big pleasure to work in Precena.