Seminar for Human Resources Management personnel
Since its founding, Precena has built a reputation for providing business training that is both retained and applied by employees in their daily business activities. Our expertise focuses on identifying the best practices of capable veterans and systematizing them into skills that can be learned and used by everyone at all levels of responsibility in your organization.

  • CEO・Director向けセミナー [Japanese Language Seminar]

    [プレセナ・ビジネススキル・セミナー (Precena Business Skill Seminar)]


    Date and Time
    2017/10/06(Fri) 10:00 - 13:00

    Intercontinental Kuala Lumpur

    Maximum capacity

    20 Participants


    当案内状でご招待の経営者・人材育成担当の方 2名様まで 無料
    (Complimentary for up to 2 Management Level & HR development Personnel)

    (This seminar is not open to the public and those in the "business skill training services" industry)
    (This seminar is limited to only 2 people per company)

    Instructor name

    鈴木 宏尚

    Jerald Rogers