Our Services

Precena Strategic Partners offers a wide-range of services to client companies in four major areas: “Consulting,” “Training Material Development & Training of In-house Trainers,” “Business Skills Training,” and “Business Skills Assessments.”

Consulting offers an integrated consulting service to planning divisions, managements of venture companies, and human resource departments. Our consulting service is provided on a long-term basis to support retention and continued application of the training effect based on such skills as problem solving and corporate planning.

Training Material Development & Training of In-house Trainers offers a tailor-made training curriculum to client companies and conducts training for in-house trainers. We will develop and deliver the training material as a final product specifically catered to the business practices of the client’s workplace and to resolve the management and HR issues faced by the client.


Business Skills Assessment Business Skills Training Business Skills Training Teaching Material Development and Instructor Training Business Skills Assessment

Business Skills Training is a training service for all business professionals. Within the training industry, we specialize in business skills training and in providing customized training programs that are truly practicable at the workplace of clients regardless of industry, function, position, or country.

Business Skills Assessments offer an evaluation and measurement tool for HR departments for use in recruitment, training, and advancement. The assessment quantitatively evaluates the test taker’s thinking skills, so this service is used by a number of clients for recruitment. Furthermore, the assessment can be taken before and after the business skills training to assess the training effect and provide detailed feedback to the test taker.