Business Skills Training

What is Business Skills Training?

To achieve high performance in your business, you are required to produce “output”. Although training that focuses on producing output can have an immediate effect, it is limited in its applicability; you are only able to do exactly what you’ve been taught. In other words, by focusing on the “knowledge” that’s fundamentally necessary for producing output, your “knowledge elicitation” (the source of advanced skills) will increase. But this does not mean you will always know “when and how” to best use this knowledge. The business skills that we are passionate about are the ones that lie at the root of all knowledge. Our “business skill training” is learning to think and behave in a way that lets you maximize the knowledge of your training. Compared to training in “output” or “knowledge,” business skill does not have an immediate effect – our customers choose Precena because they understand that good human resources is about long-term cultivation. Our service is of the highest value to clients who have the basic know-how and knowledge but are unsure of how to effectively systematize them. More and more experienced companies are introducing “business skill training”.


Our Business Skills Training Program

Our “Business Skills Training Program” is based on core business skills such as logical thinking, logical writing, problem solving, presentation, and self-management. It interweaves basic knowledge subjects such as competition strategy, accounting and marketing.