Goals of the session

1. Learn the basics of accounting that are indispensable for leaders.
2. Enhance the ability to think not to just analyze numbers but to further identify how analysis is related to corporate activities and management decisions.

Highlights of the session

Judging “good or bad” from the calculation using numbers in the financial statements does not mean you are actually able to read the financial statements. This session covers the logic behind the numbers such as how the numbers have emerged in the financial statements through past management decisions and corporate activities. Taking actual financial statements as real cases, you will first analyze the statements through four different perspectives, and then, identify issues faced and causes that occurred based on the outcome of the analysis.

Time schedule


What is P/L?

– 5 profits

– Differences among industries

What is B/S?

– Differences among industries


Company analysis (1)

Time series analysis


1st day 2nd day
9:00 What is financial accounting analysis? 9:00 Reading the causes from the analysis results
Lunch Lunch
13:00 (1) Profitability analysis

(2)Safety analysis

14:00 Company analysis (2)

Competitor comparison

15:00 (3)Growth potential analysis

(4)Efficiency analysis

15:30 Company analysis (3)

Pursue causes and plan countermeasures

17:00 Link with problem solving

For Tomorrow

17:30 17:30 Summary & Finish


Target trainees

  • Beginners to corporate accounting
  • Managers not confident how to use basics of accounting
  • Heads of a division
  • Candidates to management position

Past Achievements

System integrator
Candidate training for mid-management (Mini-MBA course)
Financial institution
Candidate training for junior-management (Mini-MBA course)
Service provider
Training by experience level (Mini-MBA course)

And more.