Our Edge

1) We provide a systemized program

The characteristic of our business skill training is that all of the subjects are organically linked to each other which enables the training contents to be formulated into a customized program based on the client’s needs. For example, how does “problem solving” and “finance” and “leadership” link with each other? How does “logical thinking” and “hypothesis thinking”, “data analysis”, and “problem solving” link with each other? All of these courses interweave with each other meaning that all of the subjects need to be utilized organically in tackling real business challenges. The merit for the customers is that how to apply the training content in real life becomes much clearer rather than taking in separate knowledge one by one without understanding its application.

2) In-house instructor will take full responsibility for the service quality

In this industry, many companies outsource their training programs to firms that use a “famous businessperson” for instruction purposes. But what is the substance behind such a ploy? First of all, they are not professional instructors. Secondly, even if the training ends up in failure, the responsibility lies in the training company and not the business person him or herself, which make them invulnerable to risk. In training, what to train is important but who conducts the training is also crucial. Our instructors are all professional trainers. Instructors with abundant business experience will take full responsibility with passion and long term vision to enhance the client’s human resource development.

3) We customize training to suit the requirements of our clients

If the industry conventions, company culture, and other factors are different, it is only natural that what employees need to learn will be different as well. Actually, it is seldom that ready-made will perfectly fit your company. Say we take “presentation skill” as an example. There are companies that conduct presentations to large companies and other companies that conduct presentation to consumers. Changing the situation of the training to fit the actual situation at work can greatly affect the understanding level of the trainees. Furthermore, the speed of comprehension within the company can differ greatly based on the level of professional experience. Training that is too easy and leaves trainees with too much idle time is not efficient, while the opposite applies as well. Understanding the business situation of the clients and customizing the training material that suits the demand is the basis of our service provision.