Business Planning Workshop

Goals of the session

Through a practical workshop, trainees are expected to acquire skills and the way of thinking that are indispensable for creating business proposals.

Highlights of the session

The course consists of two parts. In the first part, trainees will learn skills related to business models, proposal creation, and presentations. In the latter part, trainees will break into small working groups to make a pyramid structure to organize the information for their proposal. While gathering information to support the proposal, teams will finalize the proposal give a presentation for it at the end. The workshop style allows trainees to use the skills learned during the training to become able to fully apply them to real business situations.

Overview of the session


Target trainees

  • All business persons who need skills to make convincing proposals
  • Any layer of positions ranging from new graduates to management depending on theme selection

Past achievements

Specialty trading company
Business workshop for management

And many more.