Business Writing & Presentation

Goals of the session

Through this 2-day session, trainees will learn logical thinking as a common language of business communication and writing and presentation skills as outputs of logical thinking in real business situations.

Highlights of the session

On the first day, the class begins with what being logical is followed by detailed and structured explanation of the 3 elements of logical thinking. Then, trainees will learn hands-on writing skills such as logical structure and drafting meeting minutes as outputs of logical thinking.

On the second day, the class will cover an advanced level of logical thinking, such as the pyramid structure, through which your counterpart’s discussion points should be answered. Then, trainees will learn to make slides and give a presentation to deliver their message to listeners as a practical use of logical thinking.

Time Schedule

1st day 2nd day
9:00 Introduction

Logical Thinking Fundamentals

Logical Structuring




9:00 Pyramid structure exercise





Lunch Lunch
13:00 Logical thinking practice exercise

1.Information organization

2.Organize the discussion on the blackboard

3.Summarize the meeting minutes

13:00 Logical thinking practice exercise

Materials creation

1.Message writing

2.Chart drawing

3.Slide writing


1.Story writing

2.Speaking order and demeanor

17:30 Summary 17:30 Summary


Target trainees

  • New graduates and junior employees
  • Employees who have never studied logical thinking before

Past achievements

Leading electrical machinery manufacturer
New graduates training
Leading material manufacturer
New graduates training
Leading system integrator
Elective training

And more.