Marubeni Corporation
Standard equipment for thinking ability of young employee

(Training implemented)

From FY2007, Problem Solving skills training has been introduced to about 150 people of 3rd to 10th year of professional and administrative staff.

From FY2008, the same Problem Solving skills training has also been introduced to new graduates.

How is Precena’s training used and positioned within the overall human resource development strategy?

I believe that problem solving skills is a must subject with which all of our junior employees should be equipped. Previously, the training had been targeted at the mid to junior level people who wished to study, but from FY2008 onwards, the training has been offered to new graduates based on the idea that the sooner the better.
In the past, a logical thinking training had been offered at the company, but the training was more like just building logical structure or studying knowledge of logical thinking, which could not be applied to real business. This is how we decided to introduce the problem solving skills training by Precena.

What do you expect from a training provider?

In one word, we want a training provider who stands by us and delivers the message to the trainees together with us. It is important to share the same level of understanding with the training provider what are the issues faced, why is the training necessary, and what should be achieved by the training. If you partner with such a training provider, the outcome will be more than we expected.

We cannot partner with a training provider who brings down the level of offering in order to please trainees and make them satisfied.