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What is impressive about how Precena training is formulated?

The first impressive point is that the Precena instructor interacts with the trainees strictly just like the company’s own employees and provides practical advice. When searching for a training vendor, one of the important qualification is for the vendor’s capacity to not just provide general knowledge but for the vendor to be knowledgeable about the industry we are in and provide advice based on such context. Precena utilized the actual strategic challenges faced by departments of the company as the training theme and half consults and half conducts employee skill development as the training methodology to produce tangible output.

Another impressive point about Precena is the company’s posture to constantly develop its own know-how in conducting effective training. There are often times when some training vendors use case studies developed decades ago or case studies developed by other companies. In such cases, it is difficult for the training vendor to be persuasive for these training materials were not developed by the training vendor and the know-how does not reside in the company. Precena as a company is renowned for developing such know-how and can be highly evaluated in that regard.

What is important when conducting human resource development?

In order to enhance the competitiveness of the company in the mid-term and become a leader in the industry, continuous improvement of the entire organization is essential. To go about such an endeavor, it is critical to utilize the actual challenges faced by the company as the theme for staff training so that the staff can raise the sense of ownership and develop the necessary skills in a practical manner.

When the business environment becomes cloudy, it is usually the human resource development expense, traveling expense, and the marketing expense that are cut. Many times, department heads cut human resource development expenses to sustain short-term business performance. However, continuity is of critical importance when discussing human resource development and it should never be influenced by the business climate.

To establish such continuity, the sponsorship by company management is essential. As the company director, I understand that conducting mid to long-term continuous human resource development with a strong belief that it will lead to the success of the company business is the mission that I have been given.
(Interview date : 9 August 2008)