Corporate Problem Solving Course

Training Objective

Precena MBA type training is not just a combination of general knowledge. Our purpose is to support trainees to use what they learned through the training in their actual work. To realize this, we select the necessary contents from MBA subjects and structure them according to the training purpose of each client.

Characteristics of the training

  • Trainees learn from the basic way of thinking to MBA knowledge like Accounting, Operations, Strategy, Marketing and so on, through case studies that show trainees how the knowledge can be applied in their actual work.
  • Trainees can select an issue from their actual work on which to apply what they are learning through the training.
  • Trainees can utilize what they learned in the class not only for making suggestions, but also for making action plans, implementing the actions, and following up on them using the PDCA cycle.



Target trainees

  • Managers who need to consider and make decisions from a high perspective, such as division heads.
  • Middle management people who are expected to be leaders in the future.

Past results

Major system integrator
Manager training
Major non-bank
Manager training
IT related venture company
Manager training

And many others.