Corporate Strategy

Goals of the session

1. Learn the basic theory for planning corporate strategy.
2. Learn the methodology of strategic thinking and viewpoints through analysis and discussion over business cases.
3. Make proposals for your own company’s corporate strategy.

Highlights of the session

The corporate strategy course is divided into two distinctive parts, Competitive Strategy and Strategy Portfolio Management. Competitive strategy is a business strategy to generate cash flow from a business while competing with competitors, and strategy portfolio management is the company strategy for stabilizing overall cash flow by managing the cash flow of several lines of businesses. Tackling some business cases, you will learn the basic theory and thinking method of corporate strategy.

Time Schedule


Competitive Strategy (Analysis Edition)

External Environmental Analysis

Internal Analysis

1st day 2nd day
9:00 There are 2 kinds of business strategy 9:00 Own Company Competitive Strategy
12:00 12:00
Lunch Lunch
13:00 Competitive Strategy (Theoretical Edition)

3 Requirements

(1) Value provided to customer

(2) Business domain

(3) Differentiation core

13:00 Strategy Portfolio Management

3 Requirements

(1) Company-wide domain

(2) Business diversification

(3) Investment balance

15:00 Competitive Strategy Case 15:00 Strategy Portfolio Management Case
16:00 Own Company Strategy Portfolio Management
17:30 Summary 17:30 Summary


Target trainees

  • Management and division heads responsible for corporate strategy and planning
  • Candidates to management position

Past Achievements

System integrator
Candidate training for mid-management (Mini-MBA course)
Financial institution
Candidate training for junior-management (Mini-MBA course)
Service provider
Training by experience level (Mini-MBA course)

And more.