Futoshi Kodera

Instructor Profile


  • A native of Tokyo, Japan, received bachelor’s degree in Economics from Keio University. Native Japanese speaker, fluent in English and Chinese.


  • Sony Corporation, Overseas Marketing
    — Marketing strategy formation for a wide range of products in several countries and territories including Japan. Managed with a broad perspective from product planning to production, sales, and distribution.
    — Planned marketing for China and Russia, and established a sales subsidiary in Ukraine. While assigned to overseas units, developed innovative marketing strategies to suit those markets. Worked with local staff to build effective systems and organizations to execute those strategies.
  • Joined Precena Strategic Partners.

Instruction Experience

  • Wide-ranging instruction in Problem Solving, Logical Thinking, and Presentation for companies in manufacturing, information technology, and other industries.
  • Utilized extensive overseas experience in the supervision of education and training for staff in charge of global sales and marketing.

Passion for business skills and human resource development

“What a huge bummer!”
This is what I think after working with many people in various countries / area. Many people are trying to improve themselves with strong passion, but they cannot make enough output in their work. And even some people think “From the beginning my potential is very small”, when looking at other good performers.

But I think the biggest difference between the good performers and bad performers is not natural ability, but how they can utilize their existing abilities. And the ability to utilize existing abilities can be learned as structured skills = business skills, I think. I would like to support people who are making an effort to learn business skills, and contribute to them to have a better life.

Class direction

I pay much attention to support trainees to utilize their potential.
There is no great significance if the instructor delivers knowledge one-sidedly in the class. There is meaning if the class can be a turning point for trainees to learn and utilize business skills in their daily business.

To realize this, it is necessary to have trainees think deeply, notice the necessity of the skills, and apply them to their own business.
“What did I learned now?” “What kind of effect can I expect from utilizing this skill?” “What parts can I do and cannot do?” “How can I apply this in my daily work?”

Maybe it is difficult to consider alone. But as an instructor I want to support trainees to consider, recognize, and as result accelerate their growth.