Hironao Suzuki

Instructor Profile

  • From Chiba, Japan
  • Bachelor of Liberal Arts, The University of Tokyo
  • Engaged in corporate transformation, operation reformation, and M&A deals at Corporate Directions, Inc., a boutique management consulting firm in Japan
  • Co-founded Precena Strategic Partners in 2006

Credentials and teaching philosophy

  • ”Logical Presentation” for a leading general trading new graduates.
  • ”Problem Solving” for a large chemical manufacturer.
  • ”Logical Presentation & Writing” for a major manufacturing company new graduates.
  • ”Problem Solving workshop” for management of a subsidiary of a large financial institution.
  • And more.

Passion for business skills and human resource development

Although it can be difficult to change people dramatically through one day business skills training, the training is surely a big leap for the future growth.

Class policy

I never want a training through which trainees just have fun and nothing remains in the trainees’ mind afterwards. I am committed to lead a class with a lot of stimulus and “Aha” moments.