Itoko Shibata

Instructor Profile

  • Born in Aichi, Japan
  • The University of Tokyo, Bachelor of Civil Engineering
  • The Boston Consulting Group – Engaged in various projects such as mid-term strategy design, PMI, PMO for cost cut initiative etc. Major clients were from telecom, energy, and manufacturing business.
  • Joined Precena Strategic Partners

Credentials and teaching philosophy

  • Leveraging her consulting experience, conducts various trainings such as “Logical Presentation” or “Problem Solving” mainly to junior ~ mid-level employees.
  • Also, as she is experienced in mid-term strategy design and new business development, facilitates WS-style trainings.
  • She encourages participants to have active discussions among class by generating positive and friendly atmosphere, which leads to deepen their understanding about the business skills.

Passion for business skills and human resource development

I believe that business skill is the key to unlock one’s real potential.
I have seen many people struggling because they just don’t know how to generate value in their work though they have much passion towards it. Sometimes there were people who seems to have less passion toward their work, but in reality they just didn’t know the effective way of working. I believe if those people’s potential was unlocked, it will have huge impact both on companies and society.
Learning business skill itself is not a goal. Business skill is a tool. We utilize this tool to make things happen, and generate values. I am determined to spread this tool around the world and unlock people’s potential as much as possible.

Class policy

First, to maximize the learning effect within the class, I make sure to generate the atmosphere where participants can actively discuss and output heir thoughts. It would strengthen the learning effects if you make outputs or dicuss with peers, compared to just listening to the instructor’s lecture. Also, training is the best opportunity to do “try & error”. If you make mistakes, that means you learned new things in the training, so I encourage participants not to hesitate to challenge.
Second, to deepen the learnings after the training, I ask participants to thoroughly imagine where they can leverage this new skill they learned in their usual work. You will not be able to utilize business skill just by learning it for few days. However, if you continue to use and learn it, you can see the benefit for sure. I design the class to stimulate the imagination of participants about how they can use this tool from tomorrow.