Jerald Rogers

Instructor Profile

  • Native of USA, lived in Japan over 27 years.
  • Brigham Young University, University of Washington; Business Administration, Japan Studies
  • Lindsey, Hart, Neil & Wiegler, Attorneys at Law (USA); served as the liaison manager between the USA head office and the Tokyo Office
  • Kokusai Enterprises (Japan); Chief Instructor of Business English Training Department, advisor to the Import-Export Department
  • NEC Security Systems, as subsidiary of NEC Corporation, Japan; Company developed and sold multi-million dollar criminal fingerprint identification systems to government agencies around the world. Served as the Project Leader for technical proposal preparation and supervised client sales activities, benchmark testing, and implementation.
  • Rogers & Associates, Japan; Provided multicultural and multilingual support and consulting services to major Japanese corporations including technical, legal, and scientific translation and interpretation as well as dispute resolution.
  • Joined Precena Strategic Partners.

Credentials and Teaching Philosophy

  • Conducts training in a wide range of areas including Problem Solving, Logical Thinking, Logical Communication and Presentation, Strategy Formation, Organizational Management, Leadership, Goal Setting, Performance Enhancement and other business skills.
  • Conducts training for companies in a various industries from manufacturing to financial and other services, enterprises in size from SMEs to major global corporations, and in locations such as Japan, other counties in East and Southeast Asia, North America, and Europe. Trainee position levels range from junior level to top management.
  • Utilizes extensive experience working with people from many cultures and in many different business situations to provide insight in how to apply what is learned in class to the participants’ actual work.

Passion for Business Skills and Human Resources Development

“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”(Chinese Proverb)

One of my greatest joys in life is learning. And I love to share that passion for learning with others. It’s even more rewarding when I can help others learn things that will improve their lives. Today’s business environment requires all of us to keep learning throughout our careers.

My personal reward as an instructor is when I can help others learn business skills that will “feed them for a lifetime.”

Class Policy

I’m serious about the instruction and I expect the participants to be serious about learning. But I also expect us to enjoy it.The best scenario is when everyone feels comfortable asking questions and focuses on understanding the concepts and trying to apply them during the exercises.

I want to engage you and you to engage me. I strive to create an environment where all the participants are comfortable being challenged by me and with challenging each other.That is the best way for all to learn and grow.