Katsujiro Hori

Instructor Profile

  • A native of Tokyo, Japan
  • International Christian University Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts
  • University of California Berkeley Development Studies Program (Exchange Program)
  • National University of Singapore (NUS) Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy Masters in Public Administration (MPA) Top Graduate and Dean’s List Student
  • Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Assistant Director
    – Developing, planning, executing and evaluating Japan’s Official Development strategies and projects in Asia and African countries.
    – Negotiating and coordinating assistance proposals with governments, international development organizations, and business organizations.
    – Extensive professional overseas working experience including 2 years in Afghanistan and 8 months in Ghana and Sierra Leone.
  • Joined Precena Strategic Partners.

Credentials and Teaching Philosophy

  • Conducts training in a wide range of areas including Problem Solving, Logical Thinking, and Presentation for governmental agencies and companies in manufacturing, information technology, and other industries.
  • Utilizes extensive overseas experience in the supervision of education and training for staff in charge of international business.
  • Focuses on the variety and the diversity of the business culture around the world and is persistent in providing practical advice

Passion for Business Skills and Human Resources Development

What are business skills and why do we need them?
A common answer would be business skills are all relevant skills (such as negotiation skills, presentation skills, management skills, leadership skills, analytical skills, etc.) necessary for professionals to effectively and efficiently conduct their daily business activities in the attempt to reach the goal set by individuals or the organization in which they are working. These skills will enable not only the individuals to achieve their targets but allow the organizations to fulfill their mission, having a positive reverberating effect on the business society as a whole.

The next important question is, what then lies at the core of all business skills?
I believe that it is the thinking process and the depth of thinking that allows professionals to effectively utilize these business skills in achieving their targets. Without the ability to think, one may achieve the target without knowing the formula for that success. Without understanding the formula, it is difficult to regenerate the success under different circumstances. With the rapid globalization and integration process underway, more and more companies are training their employees to be able to think and creatively adapt to the constant change in the business environment. The core root of the competition amongst companies is therefore between the company’s human resources and the innovative ideas that come from the competent individuals.
The global race for innovation is on. Who leads the race depends one dominant criteria. Who is the best thinker!

Class Policy

The class is run based on 3 simple but important policies. The first policy is for each participant to acquire the habit of in-depth thinking. I strongly believe that there is no right or wrong to any thoughts. It is rather the thinking process and the depth of the thinking that needs to be featured when talking about capacity development.
The important thing is for each participant to experience a new finding on their thinking habits, the level of in-depth thinking, and find ways to further promote their individual strengths.

The second policy is for each participant to understand the importance of having thorough discussions. Work will not proceed without being able to reach a message across to the listener. It is also equally important for one to listen to the opinions of others and be able to objectively reevaluate his or her own views and opinions with an open mind. The capability to produce a solution that is best suitable for the context utilizing the team members’ expertise and talent is a skill necessary for all professionals. The class will utilize the different types of discussion methods for all participants to understand the value of having thorough discussions.

The third policy is simply to have fun.
Enjoyable things last. To enjoy a classroom, one has to positively participate.
To enable retention of the course materials provided during the class, involvement in class discussions is a must criteria for my class.