Kenji Okayasu

Instructor Profile

  • A native of Chiba, Japan
  • Graduated from Sophia University Bachelor’s Degree in Economics
  • Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT)
    – Developing and operating human resource management system
    – Developing sales and marketing strategy
    – Establishing network systems and conducting communication service sales
  • Mercer Japan
    – Consulting work in the field of human resource management, such as system reform and staff skill development.
  • Joined Precena Strategic Partners

Credentials and Teaching Philosophy

  • Conducts training and training material development in wide range of areas including Problem Solving, Logical Thinking, and Marketing for wide range of companies including IT, consumable manufacturers, and staffing firms.
  • Conducts training to various experience level staff members from corporate managers to fresh entrants.
  • Conducts workshops that focuses on producing output during the training session to sales representatives and corporate sales managers to enhance their sales and problem solving skills.
  • Renown for deeply understanding the challenges faced by the trainees and giving passionate advice. Focuses on practical coaching based on professional experience in consulting and vast experience in human resource management, project planning, system engineering, and sales operations.

Passion for Business Skills and Human Resources Development

Companies are forced to take on many new challenges to survive in the rapidly changing business environment and business professionals are required to develop their skills to take on such challenges. Therefore, the need for human resource development is growing exponentially.

When trying to tackle a new challenge, there is a tendency for business professionals to rely on past success. That is, it is common to think that the knowledge applied during the last success is the key for achieving current success. However, in the rapidly changing environment, past success models can be outdated. Therefore, it is critical to understand the required thinking skills that guide one to create successful solutions that can be applied regardless of the changing environment.

Precena conducts endless and seamless research on “thinking skills” required by business professionals taking into account the most recent business trends. Our mission is to provide business professionals such “thinking skills” through the human resource development programs provided by companies.

Class Policy

My most important policy is to conduct the training in a way that the trainees understand the contents not just in their head but also from the heart. Just like language skills, business skills cannot be acquired in one day and need continuous application but such application is difficult if one does not understand the contents from the heart. To enable such training, the following understanding process of each trainee is observed in the class through mutual communication.

  • Knowing the business skill
  • Utilizing the business skill through group work
  • Understanding the effectiveness of the business skill through utilization
  • Imagining work application of the learned skill

By providing my personal business experience stories that directly link to how to utilize the content in actual business practice, the trainees will be able to go home convinced about the importance of such business skill and have a specific image of how to utilize them from the next day.