Training Objective

To acquire the concept and the way of exercising leadership that is essential in producing tangible results while coaching and leading subordinate staffs and or team members.

Characteristic of Training

After learning the concept and the elements of leadership, the trainees will learn their current leadership style and the ideal leadership style based on their own experiences. Consecutively, the trainees will further their understanding of the ideal leadership style for them to exercise after the training.

Time Schedule

  • Leadership 1-Day Course
    9:00 Introduction

    Requirements for Leaders

    Leadership Composition

    10:30 Leadership Paradigm

    Mechanisms that puts you into leadership.

    Characteristics Required of Leaders

    13:00 Situations for Demonstrating Leadership

    Assess the current situation

    Select the method for involving others

    Show the purpose

    16:00 Case Exercise
    17:30 Summary
  • oneday-leadership


  • Staff in team leading positions
  • Management staffs

Past results

Major SIer company
Manager training
Major chemical company
Manager training

And many others