Logical Presentation

Training Objective

Presentations have the potential to determine success or failure in business. As such, it is important to logically consider statements made, clearly present graphics, and master execution through effective presentation drills. The content of this training program, based on Precena CEO Takeda’s “Logical Presentation,” has become highly renowned.

Characteristic of training

There are three essential skills covered in the training.

  • Clearly defining the message
    To clearly define main points, trainees will practice determining what they want to convey and make an outline of the overall presentation by learning logical thinking. Even if the presentation slides look magnificent, the presentation itself will be a failure if the message is not clear and well thought-out.
  • Making understandable materials
    After learning how to think deeply about the message that they want to convey, the trainees will then learn the elements one needs to consider in making easy-to-understand presentation materials.
  • Presenting in a clear way
    For the presentation, the trainees will learn how to explain by “making a story” and then presenting in front of the other trainees with instructor feedback.

Time Schedule

  • Logical Presentation 1-Day Course
    9:00 What is a logical presentation?

    Logical Thinking Fundamentals

    Logical Structuring

    1. Reasoning

    2. Covering

    11:00 Structuring and Reasoning/Covering
    13:00 Materials creation

    1. Write the message

    2. Express using charts

    3. Create a story

    16:00 Presentation practice exercise
    17:30 Summary
  • oneday-presentation


  • All business professionals who conduct formal presentations.
  • All business professionals who are looking to gain basic logical thinking skills and practical presentation skills.

Past Achievements

A major general trading company
Trained new recruits (Logical presentation course)
A chemical manufacturing company
Trained executive officers (Logical presentation course)
An industry leading trading company
Trained executive officers (Logical presentation course)

And many more! Our successful track record as an education/training company speaks for itself.