MBA Knowledge

Goals of the session

Precena’s MBA knowledge course is not just a compilation of managerial information but a structured portfolio of MBA sessions that are catered to client needs. The goal of the session is to provide ready-to-use, first-hand MBA knowledge that is applicable in the workplace.

Highlights of the session

You will first learn logical thinking and problem solving as the basis of MBA knowledge followed by a portfolio of MBA sessions including strategy, finance, accounting, and marketing through real cases. A series of intensive business case work enables you to effectively learn the important essence of MBA knowledge.

Program overview

Session1 Session2 Session3 Session4 Session5
First day Logical thinking Accounting Strategy Finance Human Resource Management
Second day Event Type Problem Solving Marketing
Third day Setting Type Problem Solving Cost Improvement Comprehension Exercise

Target trainees

  • Management and division heads with a wide-ranged responsibilities and decision making opportunities
  • Leaders for the next generation

Past Achievements

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