Member Coaching

Training objective

The trainees will learn the basics of how to direct and designate tasks to subordinate staff members as well as the method of effectively managing organizational goals. The trainees will also learn the various leadership styles necessary for effective coaching.

Training Characteristic

The first bottleneck managers face when conducting coaching is misunderstanding that one is effectively coaching their staff. To realize this, the class will first review how they are conducting coaching currently to clearly understand the individual challenges. Consecutively, through using a case study with the situation to effectively coach a few subordinate staff members, one will learn the macro and micro approach to organizational management. Lastly, the trainees will acquire the skills necessary to effectively conduct coaching through role playing.

Time Schedule

  • Strategic Management Improvement 1-Day Course
    9:00 Introduction

    Supervising Check

    Macro Supervision

    (1) Assigning work

    (2) Goal management

    (3) Evaluation and feedback

    13:00 Micro Supervision

    What is the “form” of supervision?

    Supervision Practice

    Initiative roll playing

    Development roll playing

    17:30 Summary
  • oneday-coaching


  • Department heads, department head candidates
  • Division heads, division head candidates
  • Team leaders and other managerial position staff members

Past results

Major banking companies
“Strengthening staff coaching training”
Major automobile companies
“Subordinate staff development and OJT skill up training”

Many other past results that are highly evaluated