Member Management

Training Objective

One day training course for on-site administrators and managers to acquire basic knowledge concerning designing the mechanism for department goal development, decision making, and human resource development from the macro and micro perspectives.

Characteristic of Training

The case of a branch manager with less than ten subordinates is handled to acquire what managers need to know in order to deploy organizational goals into tasks and how to effectively distribute responsibilities to staff members to both produce results and develop staff skills.
The training focuses on acquiring the managerial mindset and thinking skills necessary to effectively apply and exercise in one’s own work place rather than providing universal solutions to organizational management issues.

Time Schedule

  • Organizational Management 1-Day Course
    9:00 Introduction

    What is organizational management?

    Macro Organizational Management

    (1) Goal deployment

    Considering organizational goals

    Considering organizational behavior

    Incorporate into the individual behavior

    13:00 Macro Organizational Management

    (2) Management Organization Building

    Responsibility and authority provisions

    Report line design

    Meeting structure design

    (3) Organizational assignation

    Assigning work

    Organization high value added

    Micro Organizational Management

    6 styles of leadership

    What leadership type fits you?

    17:30 Summary
  • oneday-member


  • Department heads, team heads, management position staffs
  • Next generation leaders, next generation managers
  • Project leaders, project managers
  • Others in managerial positions

Past results

Major banking companies
“Organizational Management Training”
Public offices
“Organizational Management Training”
Major SIer company
“Strengthening Organizational Management”
Venture company
“Department Head Training”

Many other past results that are highly evaluated