Operation Improvement Theme

Goals of the session

Based on problem solving skills (event-type and goal-setting type), trainees will work on an organization’s operational reformation using the 3 steps of problem solving; first to identify the location of the problem, then, to seek for causes of the identified problem, and finally to plan countermeasures to solve the problem as a team through workshop training. Action plans made in the training will actually be executed and monitored to measure improvement.

Highlights of the session

Trainees will first acquire the basic skills and knowledge of problem solving, finance, and accounting that are indispensable for operation reformation. Then, work flow of actual tasks in an organization will be sorted out and the location of the problem will be identified based on employee interviews and data analysis built on a hypothesis of where the bottlenecks are located. Further, trainees will discuss topics such as “why efficiency is low?” or “how can operational efficiency be improved?”, which will be boiled down to specific countermeasures. Afterwards, periodical meetings will be held by trainees to monitor the outcomes of operational improvement and refine countermeasures if improvement progress is not made as planned.

Overview of the session


Target trainees

People in companies or divisions that are committed to improving operations

Past Achievements

Financial institution
Candidate training for leaders of next generation

And many more.