Sales and Marketing Theme

Training Objective

The objective is to improve one’s ability to set strategy for their own organization and to execute an action plan based on the strategy. Trainees will discuss and create an action plan to solve a problem as a team based on the problem solving process through work shop style training, and then conduct an evaluation among the team to learn deeply about the problem solving process and improve their execution abilities.

Characteristics of the training

First of all, trainees will learn the necessary knowledge for making a plan through training in problem solving, accounting related knowledge etc. Then, after individual consideration, they will as a team discuss and set issues, plan to solve them, and make an action plan for each person. After they actually try to execute their action plan, each team makes a presentation about their plan and execution situation. After presentation, they will review their plan and take real action and then consider what should be next their action plan.



Target trainees

People from a company or division who want to solve issues as a team.

Past results

Major chemical maker
Manager training

And many others