Sandro Rayhansyah

Instructor Profile

  • Bachelor of Economics, majoring in Accounting, University of Indonesia
  • AIESEC Indonesia President Director
    • Leading an international organization, managing a cross-cultural executive team of 4 different nationalities & over 1500 members across Indonesia.
    • Conducting extensive leadership & organizational development training and speaking engagements of scope ranging from 20 to over 800 multinational audiences.
  • Entrepreneur in coaching and consulting
    • Building an independent coaching/consulting business for individuals and organizations with clients in 7 countries.
    • Conducting coaching sessions for over 700 hours to startup CEO, executives, director of a NGO, business owners, and professionals.
  • Joined Precena Strategic Partners

Credentials and Teaching Philosophy

  • Wide-ranging instruction in Leadership, Coaching, Organizational Management and Strategy Planning for organizations and companies in consulting, technology, manufacturing and development sectors.
  • Instructed one-on-one/group coaching and training to various clients from professionals to entrepreneurs in 10 countries.

Passion for Business Skills and Human Resources Development

In today’s world where everything is rapidly changing into things that we couldn’t imagine before, businesses play a way more important role rather than just a tool to make money and profit to meet shareholders’ objective. Today’s businesses have to be responsible in solving world’s toughest problems, producing social value to society and in the end, making the world a better place.

With this context, business skills are fundamental skills every professionals need to have if we want to create better world for future generations to come. Without business skills, no results would be delivered, no impacts would be created, and no changes would happen.

And a business consists and is created by people. You may have the best product/service in the world no other competitors have, and that may lead you to success….but up to a certain point. If you want to achieve more and go beyond your success, you can’t close your eyes and ears about the importance of how managing and growing your people are the key driver of the next level of your business success. Develop the people to develop the business.

Class Policy

  1. Focus on the questions first, then answers. Great results come from great answers, and great answers come from great questions. So, it means great results come from great questions. I believe the best learning comes not from memorizing a theory, but from understanding the questions that make the theory. I facilitate the class with effective questions that trigger them to realize the how-to-think, not just the what-to-think of the discussed topic. So, not just skills that would be changed, but also in the level of mindset which will effect long-lasting.
  2. Serve the trainees, don’t just please them. I don’t tell them what the trainees what they want to hear, but I tell them what they need to hear. I dare myself to tell them the hard truth, so they can have an effective reflection, so they can come up with better effective action.
  3. Simple practicality Nothing changes when trainees are happy with the training. Real changes happen when the trainees are willing to take tiny steps to implement the insights they get from training into action. I will never leave my class without ensuring them reflecting on their action plan and giving them practical advices how to make things simple so they can straightaway do action after the training.