Setting Type Problem Solving

Training Objective

Cases studies are used to learn the two types of problem solving: event-type problem solving, which plans countermeasures for problems that arise, and objective-setting problem solving, which plans measures for achieving future objectives.

Course Characteristics

During Day-1 the thinking and procedures required for event-type problem solving and their importance are explained. After that, the fundamental logical thinking required for considering a problem is learned and then case studies are used to learn how to apply the various event-type problem-solving procedures.

During Day-2 the importance of recognizing problems is communicated and case studies are used to learn how to set the objective and take action to achieve it, which is the most important part of problem recognition.

Time Schedule

1st day 2nd day
9:00 Event-Type Problem Solving

Check of problem-solving ability

Don’t fall into the HOW syndrome trap

Logical Thinking Fundamentals

9:00 (Company Case)



10:30 Objective-Setting Problem Solving

What is a problem?

Objective (WHAT)

11:00 3 Steps of Problem Solving (WHERE, WHY, HOW)

(Simple Case)


Lunch Lunch
13:00 (Simple Case)



(Company Case)


13:00 Objective (WHAT)

Disincentive (IF)

Measure (HOW)

17:30 Summary 17:30 Summary


Recommended For

  • Employees at the senior staff level or higher who are required to identify and solve their own issues.

Past Clients Utilizing this Training

Major chemical manufacturer
Management training
Major general trading company
Elective training

And many more

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