Takahisa Takada

Instructor Profile

  • From Osaka, Japan
  • Bachelor of Law, Kyoto University
  • Engaged in project manager, recruitment, and internal education at the Japan office of Arthur D. Little (ADL), the oldest management consulting firm.
  • Joined Mabuchi Motor Co., Ltd., a corporate client of ADL, as Deputy Managing Director of the CEO office, Corporate Strategy Dept. and Business Transformation taskforce to carry out transformation of the company.
  • Founded Precena Strategic Partners in 2006 after leaving Boston Consulting Group (BCG).
  • Former instructor at Globis Management School teaching “Critical Thinking”, “Strategic Marketing”.
  • Lecturer at Waseda University Extension Center teaching “Problem Solving”, “Fact based Thinking”, and “Business Planning”.
  • Contributing author to “Think!” of Toyo Keizai Inc., “President” of President Inc., and more.
  • Author of a top-selling book “Logical Presentation (Eiji Press)”.
  • Currently attending EMBA at the National University of Singapore.
  • Gallup Certified Strengths Coach.

Credentials and teaching philosophy

  • Leads training material development and internal instructor training for Toyota Motor Corporation, and also conducts a wide variety of MBA type courses, workshops and management training at various corporations.
  • Widely recognized among HR managers and trainees by the teaching style to accept trainees’ comments, to make trainees understood and to kindly lead the class. Practical advice beyond the scope of training are given to trainees’ issues from three different perspectives of a management consulting firm, a corporation, and an entrepreneurial venture.

Passion for business skills and human resource development

“Why don’t trainees understand because of what?” The substance of business can be revealed by maintaining intensive thinking and asking simple questions and doubts to common sense and knowledge that are taken for granted. It is essential to retain business skills to verbalize the concepts, not just to memorize by learning, for better understanding the skills.

Class policy

It is the end of an instructor’s life if a trainee thinks the instructor has no credibility to teach. Teaching is standing in front of people. It is a prerequisite for all instructors to make an effort for personal growth.
If described in one word, my teaching style is a “Receiver”. When teaching at Globis, trainees often refer to me as a super receiver. There are instructors who give harsh and strict feedback to trainees, but I believe that it is effective for learning to take up the trainees’ words, interpret the opinions, and ask for the meaning so that trainees can realize and retain the skills by themselves. Make trainees keep thinking until they really understand. This is my class policy.