Takayuki Narikiyo

Instructor Profile

  • Bachelor, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Tokyo, Japan
  • Procter & Gamble Japan, Brand Manager, Marketing.
    – Brand management for a wide range of categories and brands.
    – Developed and executed marketing strategy with a broad perspective from product planning, concept development, promotion execution, pricing, and distribution.
  • Joined Precena Strategic Partners

Credentials and teaching philosophy

  • Wide-ranging instruction in Logical Thinking, Problem Solving, Marketing, Strategy Planning, and Business Communication for companies in manufacturing, distribution, trading, Information Technology, and other industries.
  • Utilizes experiences in a global company to conduct work shop in Diversity Management and Leadership, for multi-national companies’ business professionals who are expected to work in global environments.

Passion for business skills and human resource development

I believe that people is the most important asset to achieve sustainable growth in every organization, company, and country. However, considering the drastic changes of recent business situation, the required skill has also changed. The skill is not just repeating past success cases, but it’s the skill to ‘think’ in a right way – seeing the future and current situation, developing and executing a set of strategies which fit for each situation, and leading team members.

I would like to nurture people into someone who will/can “think” (rather than just to “react” to situations or stop thinking) when facing real business issues, even the tough business situations.

Everyone wants to grow, so if they have not, it is because they have not had the opportunity.
I would like to create the opportunity for people, ignite them to grow, and change themselves.

Class policy

I am committed to make my class an opportunity for people to grow and change themselves. Specifically, I stimulate each element of “mind”, “skill” and “behavior”.

Mind: Ignite them (their mind) by connecting the “skill / behavior”, to be learned in my class, and their “success” in real business situation.