Tokio Takahashi

Instructor Profile

  • From Tokyo, Japan
  • Bachelor of Social Psychology, University of Tokyo
  • Engaged in business strategy planning, M&A planning, IT PMO, business research for Pharmaceutical industry, Manufacturing industry, and the Japanese government at Deloitte Consulting Japan
  • Joined Precena Strategic Partners

Credentials and teaching philosophy

  • Conducts instruction in Logical Thinking, Logical Writing, Logical Presentation, Problem Solving, Business Communication, and others, in various industries such as Pharmaceutical, Service, and the Japanese government.
  • Widely recognized among HR managers and trainees as a humorous and precise instructor through utilizing the experiences gained in the consulting industry.

Passion for business skills and human resource development

What is “Business Skill” exactly?; something that is commonly asked around the world.I believe it is the “small points and tips” which are very useful and effective in the business world.
What you need to learn are only;
1. Understand the point well
2. Use them consciously everyday
With repeating these 2 steps, you can be a great business person. I aim to support you in getting ready for a wonderful future! It gives me great pleasure and satisfaction when hearing “I am glad to have attended your training”, “I am glad to be here today” from you!!

Class policy

I promise these 3 things below:

1. Make you realize your growth Growth is a difference between the you from before and what you are right now. By starting from understanding your tendency and skill level, you will realize your growth clearly at the end of training.

2. Connect lecture and reality What you learn in the training is not only for that day itself but it should be used in real business situations. I will not only introduce the concept of each content itself but also how the content can be used effectively in the real business situations.

3. Link input and output It is very boring to listen to a unilateral training. The main character of the training is not me but you. I will do my best to help you, not only input the concept but also create sophisticated output each time.