Tomoyuki Iwasawa

Instructor Profile

  • From Kanagawa, Japan
  • Bachelor of Engineering management system, Tokyo Institute of Technology
  • Engaged in business strategy planning, due diligence, alliance negotiation, public sector research, and M&A deal management for large corporations at Abeam M&A Consulting
  • Engaged in development of company analysis web-based tools for investment decision making and investment system at Blue Marlin Partners
  • Joined Precena Strategic Partners
  • Co-author of “Practice of Business Due Diligence” and “Basic Training for Corporate Analysis.”

Credentials and teaching philosophy

  • Conducts training material development of Logical Thinking, Task Management, Problem Solving, Leadership for 1st, 4th, 8th year of employees at Toyota Motor Corporation.
  • Conducts training in wide range of subjects including Problem Solving, Logical Writing, Presentation, and Accounting to many companies in various industries such as trading companies, IT, manufacturing and consulting.
  • Widely recognized among HR managers and trainees as a kind, yet sometimes strict, instructor with strong passion based on analytic and hands-on business sense fostered through M&A practice.

Passion for business skills and human resource development

I believe education, especially education to cater thinking skills, is a foundation of growth for individuals, organizations, and society. Because thinking skills is indispensable for individuals to create added value in addition to knowledge and experience. I also encourage trainees to think even in the accounting class that tends to be centered for knowledge. Through thinking deeply, I am committed to working in education and training for the sake of better surroundings of trainees, corporate organization and society.

Class policy

Enjoying learning is what I emphasize. In addition to creating a cheerful and relaxed atmosphere during training, I try to make trainees realize it is so fun to learn new findings.