Wataru Matsukage

Instructor Profile

  • Born in Hokkaido on May 1980.
  • Holds a B.S in engineering from Hokkaido University.
  • After he studied for an M.S. in computer science from Hokkaido University, he started his own educational business. In six years, the company was making hundreds of millions of yen in annual sales & had dozens of employees. He sold it so that he could focus on his consulting service.
  • Directed new business development for both domestic and foreign markets at Accenture.
  • Joined Precena Strategic Partners after leaving Accenture.

Credentials and Teaching Philosophy

  • He lectures on problem-solving, presentation, management strategy, accounting, and finance for the trading, manufacturing, telecommunications, distribution, finance, and professional service industries.
  • Although frequently educating executives of venture companies, he also hosts performance-based training programs and workshops for middle-management employees.
  • His lecture style takes in account the personalities of each student to create in them a passion in awakening their newfound skills.
  • Drawing upon over 10 years of experience with business management and consulting and over 15 years of study with Western philosophy and classics, he gives practical advice to all students that goes far beyond his lecture.

Passion for Business Skills and Human Resources Development

Precena’s business skills are knowledge that will lead directly to higher performance. Our services lead, not only to company growth, but to personal growth as well.

The programs we provide are highly regarded by leading Japanese companies such as Toyota, and many others. They are constantly evolving and being improved to keep up with the fast-paced world of business. Our course materials for Toyota, in particular, have also been used for Toyota Global to achieve proven results. Business skills, as cultivated by Precena, has been spreading all over the world.

There is a difference between those who have business skills and those who do not — especially in terms of output and growth. Professionals who have gained Precena’s logical skills can comprehend and identify cause-and-effect relationships properly. This means the probability of producing high performance increases, and that each student can understand their results for further growth. The difference is obvious. For those of you wondering about what it means to comprehend the cause-and-effect relationship to understand your results for further growth, let’s discuss the issue a bit.

Even if your result is successful, unless you understand the cause-and-effect relationship it becomes nothing more than luck. However, if you do have understanding of why you met success, you can turn it into a “repeatable success” and share the know-how within your organization. If the result is failure and you do not understand the cause-and-effect nature of that failure, then that becomes a true waste. If you do understand why you failed, you can turn the failure around and apply that experiences to your next success! You will also avoid similar failures in the future.

If you have the skills to discern a cause-and-effect relationship, then regardless of success or failure, all results can be considered a part of an individual’s and organization’s growth.

We know Precena’s business skills will make a positive contribution to the growth and output of you and your company. We strive constantly to improve both ourselves and our clients.

Class Policy

In my class, I help my students to think for themselves and to make a habit of it by always seeking self-improvement. I ask questions based on individual proficiency so that each student can comprehend the meaning of the question and how they can go about finding the right conclusion.

By using real-world examples and my own business management experience, I introduce students to the thought patterns that help them approach situations logically. I encourage self-improvement, not through habit, but through a conceptual understanding of what it means to solve problems.

It is often said that there are four stages to learning: 1) unaware/unable 2) aware/unable 3) aware/able 4) unaware/able and people can track their progress from steps 1 through 4 in their pursuit of mastery. In my lecture, I will take you from level 1 to 3, and by using what you’ve learned, you will be able to reach 4 on your own merits. Precena business skills bring you to a level where you can utilize your skills without awareness.