Management candidate training / Management training

Precena’s workshop type training is suitable for management candidate training and management training. Workshop for management is a practical and intensive training where trainees who are selected as the next generation of management are assigned or select issues from their jobs and to work on during the training and to produce related output at the end of the session with the help of the instructor. To enhance the training outcome, selected themes should not be fully linked to trainee daily tasks so that trainees can think out of the box and look ahead with a mid to long term vision. Also, the class size is kept to around 15 trainees for this sort of training for management candidates and next generation of leaders.

The biggest advantage of workshop type training is that management candidates are focused on intensive thinking until the skills retained through the training can become really useful in their work. There are a variety of workshop training subjects including problem solving, business plans, and strategy planning, all of which have an advantage over the lecture-type training offered elsewhere because trainees can understand the subject better.


Goals of the session

Through the workshop, trainees who are management candidates will learn the way of thinking and skills required to perform well at work.

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