Yoshiyuki Hada

Instructor Profile

  • Bachelor, Keio University, Tokyo, Japan
  • Exchange Program at Universiteit van Amsterdam
  • M.B.A. MIT Sloan School of Management
  • Vice President, Development Bank of Japan Inc.
    Investment Banking including M&A advisory, loan syndication, business development, and securitized product investment.

Credentials and teaching philosophy

  • Conducts training in wide range of subjects including Problem Solving and Logical Thinking to companies in various industries such as finance, general trading, manufacturing, retail, service, and the public sector.
  • Conducts MBA type subjects and management strategy training built on the experience at MIT Sloan.
  • Retained a highly reputed teaching style through which trainees are encouraged to think intensively, and simple instruction for all to comprehend, by combining the academic backbone learned at the business school and first-hand experiences in complicated finance and cross border M&A deals which often involve stakeholders with different values and interests.

Passion for business skills and human resource development

I believe business skills are powerful tools to accomplish strong desires such as achieving a success in business or delivering value to the world.
If being questioned why we need to learn business skills, my answer is neither attaining skills nor practicing it at work place.
In sum, it is for the purpose of achieving something or delivering a message to someone by using business skills as a tool. I would be most grateful as an instructor if trainees and their organizations can make dreams come true and create the future as a result of learning business skills through our training.

Class policy

My class leading policy is “Enjoy intensive thinking”. It is important to keep using business skills for achieving big dreams, and for that purpose, the very first step is to realize intensive thinking is so much fun.
I strive to create a learning environment where trainees are encouraged to think of using the skills for their own tasks and take the training personally as a real practice.